Top original men’s clothing stores and brands on Aliexpress 2020

A lot of consumers are fond of buying replicas from Aliexpress, which ranged from replica bags, clothes to replica watches, electrical products. Those replica products on Aliexpress are quite welcomed due to their low price and fine quality. We have written 2 articles about replica watches and replica lady bags, introducing the finest stores and brands of replica watches and lady bags, you can click here to view them (replica watches, replica lady bags). However, except from replica products, there are actually also many good original brands or stores on Aliexpress. This time we are going to show you a brief collection of top original men’s clothing brands and stores. Each brand and store we collected all have more than 100 items which covered basically all items in men’s clothing category, and its original designed clothes are quite unique from most normal clothes styles which can be found in a lot of stores. Another criterion of store selection is the reputation of the store. Most stores we picked have more than 5000 followers and store ratings which are much higher than average, which guarantee the service and shopping experience of the store. We have divided our list into 7 parts according to the dress style of men, and each part has more than 8 stores for you to explore, in our experience, these stores basically represent the best original men’s clothes of Aliexpress, if you are looking for some special original men’s clothes, our list won’t let you down. Here it is:

Casual:Pioneer camp factory store/Simwood/Giordano/semir/Maxulla Store /Bosibio/MYDBSH/Kuego

Business style:Brother wang/ TIAN QIONG / PYJTRL /Left rom/anne fashion/XMY3DWX/Plyesxale/Qisha/

Korean/Japanese style:Privathinker/Uyuk/zongke/Mosevjue/
MOTUWETHFR /Majesee/kuangnan/Versma/

Hip-hop:Inflation/ KYKU Funny Store /Gonthwid/Heyguys/Dark icon/Tiny spark/Aelfric Eden/Lapster/Kewlstyle/

Sport style:Nansha/Globesky/Baijoe/F+N/Detector/Wosawe/Kacigeya/Aolike/Vansydical/Lining

European and American style:Coodrony/ Mountainskin /Volgins/jack cordee/Mok mors/GustOmerD/Langbeeyar/Mix man/

outdoor/camouflage:Mega Night/Field lived/Refire gear/free soldier/Naturehike/facecozy/CQB/Loclimb/Camel/IGLDSI

Tips of buying clothes online

As you cannot try those clothes on, and it’s quite inconvenient for overseas changing and refunding, it’s very important to choose the right size for you. Most of the clothes sold on Aliexpress are made in China, so it’s not a wise idea to buy it just according size, for example L or M, as most Chinese clothes’ size is quite smaller than those made in Europe or the US. You can try the following procedure to find a proper size instead of just select your usual size. For tops, you need to check two features, shoulder width and chest width. Most Asians are smaller in size, You may find out some T-shirts have extremely small shoulder width and chest width, it may look good on models, but trust me, it sucks on you if it’s too tight, find your most favorite T-shirt and measure its shoulder width and chest width before starting your shopping, most sellers provides the detailed sizes such as shoulder width and chest width, waist width, sleeves length and clothes length and so on, you should at least make sure that shoulder width and chest width are proper for you before paying your money. For pants, it’s much easier; the primary task is to make sure the waistline is proper, for slim trousers, don’t forget to check its thigh circumference, trust me, you will never forget the awkwardness when you find out you even can’t put it on after the happiness of opening a new package.

Besides of size selection, you shall also check feedbacks before paying your money, especially those recent bad reviews you can find a lot of useful information from them, for example, some may say the size is relatively large or the quality is very poor or the fabric is fade after washing. These useful will save your money and time a lot. Anyway, it is better to buy from the seller who has wholesome consumer protection.

Thirdly, the reputation of the seller should also be checked, most of the time, it’s much safer to buy items from a store with good reputation. Good reputation of stores on Aliexpress means more followers, better detailed seller ratings and higher positive feedback percentage. Usually these features will basically represent the total reputation of a store. However, some large stores may use some illegal method to gain its reputation quickly and its service and quality cannot match its high reputation, so it’s much better to check the reviews of the store: whether there are some bad feedbacks, and check the reasons of them, is it because of bad service, low quality or some shipping problem. In my experience, some super large stores don’t have good service, as there are too many people talking to the customer service, so they won’t have enough time and patience for you, however the quality of those super large stores is guaranteed. For smaller stores, some of them have better service and more substantial price, the problem is not every small seller is honest and reliable; you need spend more time if you want to buy items from small stores, ask more detailed questions to check the seller and make sure he’s reliable. In a word, we think both large stores and small stores are Ok, you can get a self-service experience and good quality item from a large store or some more personalized service and low price item from a risky small store, the choice is yours, just make sure that you have done enough survey before finally paying your money.

Basic man’s dressing principle

In choosing clothes, the special and shining dress can be the focus, but for man’s clothing, the unique dress and matching can’t be fully recognized to all, so it is very important to match them appropriately. At this time, you need to know some basic matching techniques to enhance your taste.

1: Unification of your style: The outline of your wearing is the most direct display of the clothing. When choosing your clothing, not only just pay attention to the form and appearance of your dress, but also the styles should be roughly the same, a tight T-shirt and a pair of hip-hop trousers will just never match, keep it a habit to check out yourself in a mirror before leaving home. Try to learn more from models and other famous bloggers, and don’t be impatient to try your matching, it will show its magic only when you see it. A proper dressing style will reflect the elegance of your unique masculinity.

2: Color matching: Color uniformity is the most representative of your total atmosphere. Many people think that more colors can show their individuality. In fact, man’s stability and handsome can be directly reflected by his dressing colors, try to control the main colors of your matching within 3 colors, if you are a starter, just use the matching of your favorite models and bloggers.

3: Accessories: Sometimes you dress just like your favorite blogger, but it just doesn’t look that good. At this time, pay attention to accessories. Maybe it’s just the accessories that you neglected decreased your total score, the details can be processed to make it more colorful, such as shirts with ties or small hats, those single items maybe common but total matching will absolute improve to a new level.

4: Unification of texture

Canvas shoes and suits may just look a bit strange, it’s just what we called Unification of texture, after all suits and leather shoes are the best couple, and so are casual wear and canvas shoes. Some experts can make canvas shoes and suits harmonious. But if you’re not as good as those world famous bloggers, maybe it’s better to follow the rules instead of making mistakes. With reasonable and skillful combination, the texture of your clothing will reflect your details and tastes.

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