Top Halloween costumes on Aliexpress 2020-2021 Best costume ideas you can find from Aliexpress

Getting tired of regular Halloween costumes? Wishing to be the highlight of your party? Don’t want to spend much money on your Halloween costume? Well, you can solve all these problems on Aliexpress, on Aliexpress, you can find the most popular costumes for your kid, your partner and yourself. Here are the top ideas of 2019-2020 Halloween costumes on Aliexpress, you can find cheaper costumes there which will definitely save you a lot of money.

Star wars costumes

The idea of movie costume is always popular, and among all these movies, Star wars series is always a bit hit that you can’t miss. There are just so many classic role to play, Luke the skywalker, princess Leia, Master Yoda, Chewbacca and so on. The sellers on Aliexpress knew well about what a movie fan wants, no matter what your preference is, you can find plenty of products on Aliexpress, including both costumes and lots of necessary cool costume weapons such as guns and lightsaber.


Skywalker/Darth vader/Prince Leia/Amidala/Rey/Imperial tie fighter pilot uniform/Storm trooper/Yoda/Chewbacca/Awakens Kylo Ren/Lightsaber


Skywalker/Darth vader/Prince Leia/Amidala/Rey/Imperial tie fighter pilot uniform/Storm trooper/Yoda/Chewbacca/Awakens Kylo Ren/

Marvel Heroes

In 2019, the final movie of the avenger movie series brings the popularity of Marvel to its peak, it’s a totally carnival for Marvel fans all over the world. It’s always a bit hit to play superheroes, what’s more, there are so many heroes and costumes in Marvel universe that you don’t have to be afraid of costume clash, on Aliexpress, Marvel hero costumes are always best-selling staffs, the most popular ones are spider man costume and captain America costume, however, there are costumes for almost every hero if we search carefully, here are links of them.

Iron man/Captain America/Hulk/Thor/Black widow/Hawkeys/Ant-man/Nebula/War machine/Captain Marvel/Rocket/Valkyrie/Spider man/Scarlet witch/Dr. Stephen Strange/Black Panther/Star lord/Loki/Gamora/Okoye/Mantis/Drax/The wasp/Thanos/Nick Fury/Shield agent/Dead pool/Wolverine/Punisher/Photon power FX glove

DC Heroes

You have to admit that DC was left behind in film industry, although decades ago, the superman and batman series have gained its popular, Marvel has ruled the comic world in film industry. Luckily, DC has started its universe layout and we can expect to DC superhero movies just like the Avengers. For DC hero costumes, we don’t have as many as options as Marvel heroes, as most manufacturers choose their models due to film popularity, rather than comic books.

Superman/Superwoman/Batman/wonder woman/The flash/Green Lantern/aquaman/Cyborg/Shazam/Green arrow/The joker/Harley Quinn


It seems that there is no reason why kids just like dinosaurs, searching our memory, there must be a period of time that you’re so fond of dinosaur. The most remarkable screen image of dinosaur is its brutal performance in Jurassic Park. And the superstar of dinosaurs must be the T-rex, fast, strong and savage, a perfect costume. On Aliexpress, you can find dinosaur costumes for both kids and Adult.

Attack on Titan

If you are a fan of Japanese comic, you must know Attack on Titan, this one has both brutal wars and some sort of philosophy, just imagine how wonderful it is to play a teammate of Eren, or just play one of the Titans. There is no costumes for kids on Aliexpress, well, it’s much better to keep your young kids away from this bloody comic.


Not every Halloween costume has to be bloody and scary, sometimes you can play a total different card, The fury and cute Pokemon costumes are fantastically well for young ladies and kids, a group of kids of your family in Pokemon costumes will just make it a real Pokemon Game. Although the Pokemon movie didn’t success as expected, The persistent popularity of Pokemon all over the world make it always a good idea.


Although this classic comic is finished, its popularity all over the world didn’t fade. On Aliexpress, you can find cheap cloaks for different characters in the comic, it’s a good choice for the fans, just make sure your friends can recognize you, or you will just be some dark and cool ninja in their eyes.

Money heist

The largest robbery in history, a mysterious character who plan and control the whole game, 8 skilled professional thieves and a group of hostages, all in the hot TV series of Netflix, money heist. The thieves’ creepy mask and red uniform in the TV series are quite unique, which makes it a cool choice for Halloween party, and according to sales data, it is popular on Aliexpress, adults just like guns and excitement.


Just look at our lists, and you will know how popular Japanese cartoon and game characters are, Mario, maybe the oldest famous game character in history, still has his power to influence game industry. What’s more, on Aliexpress, you can find not only Mario costumes, but also costumes of other characters such as Princess Daisy, Luigi, or even turtles. It’s a good idea to dress your whole family a Mario family which brings your childhood dream into reality.

Game of throne

What is the best TV series in the world? If asked in 2018, many may mention game of throne, however, in 2019, the answer may be different. The most anticipated final season turned out to be a total disaster. However, its popularity comes to its peak. Despite of an disappointed ending, the audience rating and topic hotness of game of throne reached its peak in 2019. So why not dress up like warrior king and search for your Khaleesi in the party.


The new film of Godzilla is amazing, more monsters, bigger fights, although the story is fairly weak, but the fight scene of two super monsters is just shocking. If you think dinosaurs are not big and honorable enough, try Godzilla.

Toy story

The lion king

In 2019, Disney launched the 3D version of the classic lion king which 100% restored the story and scene of the old lion king which was lauched 25 years ago. For me, it’s like a childhood dream comes true, for other kids now, it’s a festival of animals and dreams, even though some may criticize that the new version of lion king turned a fairy tale into an animal show, I still think it a success for both kids and adults. So why not try lion king at your Halloween party, you can relive your childhood dream or pass it to your children.


The new Aladdin film adds more Hollywood elements in the story and makes it more entertaining, although it can’t be a classic movie, The characters’ costumes are quite funning which makes them a good choice of Halloween, You can try bold Aladdin and pretty princess, or even the talkative blue Will Smith.

Descendants/ Disney ladies

The Disney TV series has all classic Disney female characters in it, so basically, there are more than 20 costumes, you can be Mulan, Princess Charming or Cinderella, it’s a classic style which pretty girls can’t miss.

Harry potter

What is the best novel for children, I’ll vote for the Harry Potter series. The detailed description, the fascinating magic world, conspiracy of dark magic,friendship and wonderful campus life, when I was a child, I read this book for more than 5 times. Every kid who has read the book will remain a desire of magic world, and why not just surprise him and make his dream come true on Halloween.

How to train your dragon

In 2019, How to train your dragon series comes to its final ending. It’s a new milestone of dreamwork’s animations. There are many remarkable character costumes in this film, you can try some cute Viking costumes, or just make your kids the most popular toothless.

Angry birds

They are cute, round, flocky and lovely, kids and ladies love them, even guys cannot resist them, just buy a cute costume for your kids


The new Hellboy is amazing, the fighting scene is quite creative and the whole story has the quintessence of its former two series, when we talking about Halloween, we cannot ignore costumes of ghosts and devils, why not just dress like the coolest devil in 2019.

Dragon ball

Launched in 1986, this 40 year old uncle still has fans all over the world; this animation series has so many significant meanings in animation history, and so many impressive characters for fans, it’s not quite popular in recent years, but if you’re a big fan of Japanese comic and animation, Dragon Ball costume are always a good choice.

West world

The new season of West world will be launched in 2020, which slightly reduce the fever of this philosophical science fiction series. However, the costumes in this creative series combined the roughness of west cowboys and dedication of future world, which makes them super cool and remarkable, so if you’re fond of West world or you want some modern cowboy costumes, you can try them.


Kids love cars and robots, what about the combination of car and robot, when it comes to transformer, every male loves it. However, the cheap costumes of transformer are not a quite good choice for adults, it’s much better for kids. Unexpectedly, there are some cool and delicate transformer costumes for adults, but they are very expensive, like more than 300$, however, they sold quite well, which, on the other side, proved the fever of transformer among boys and bigger boys.

Beside of the popular costume ideas we mentioned above, you can find some other cool costumes on Aliexpress, here are the most welcomed costume types and accessories.

Lego/Viking Agent Devil Zombie Vampire Skeleton mask  maid sexy cop/nurse

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