How to find zara style clothes on Aliexpress 2020

When you open this article, I guess you must be quite disappointed after finding out that there is no result when searching for zara on Aliexpress. The fact is, there is no original Zara clothes sold on Aliexpress, as a global fast fashion brand, the price of Zara is much more affordable than luxury brands such as LV and Burberry. So it’s recommend to buy Zara just from its official website, if you still want to buy Zara from Aliexpress, maybe you want to spend less money or there is no official Zara seller in your place. Anyway, you shall keep it in mind that there is no original Zara sold on Aliexpress, you can only buy Zara replicas and Zara style from Aliexpress.

Is the OEM and white label products reliable?

OEM stands for Original Equipment Manufacturer, they are manufacturers who don’t have their own brands and keep a living by manufacturing products for larger brands. You can find a lot of OEMs in China due to Chinese cheaper labor cost, take a look at your clothes and other cheap items, I’m sure many of them are made in China, just though the hands of the OEMs. A lot of brands choose to distribute their manufacturing job to OEMs, and put their own labels on the white label products to make them their own products. So some of the sellers on Aliexpress claim that they are selling the white label products just from the OEMs in China. You can buy the same product just without label with less money, it seems nice, right? but the fact is you can hardly buy white label products on Aliexpress. Taking Zara as an example, Zara will give its manufacturing job to OEMs, but Zara firmly controls its raw material from its OEMs, after finishing its job, the OEM will be cut from raw material by Zara, so the OEMs cannot continue to make more white label products. Zara will provide a little more raw material to prevent manufacturing mistakes, and the OEMs will use excess raw material to make some white label products to sell, but the number of them is definitely not a lot. If you find a seller on Aliexpress who sells a lot of white label products, on a large probability, he must sell replicas. We believe that if you are luckily enough you can find white label products of Zara on Aliexpress, but don’t count on that too much.

The most worth buying Zara clothes on AliExpress are replicas similar to the Zara style and the Chinese brands of Zara style. We can use some tricks to find out these clothes and brands.

1. Use the search engine of Aliexpress directly

Just as we mentioned, any keyword contains Zara will lead to an empty result on Aliexpress. We can change our strategy to avoid Aliexpress’s search block. Aliexpress will regularly change its block strategy, according to our test, we have found out the newest keywords related to Zara style clothes, you can try keywords such as Za 2020,Za 2020 spring, Za dress 2020, za em clothes

2. Try the Zara style stores on Aliexpress

We have found several cool stores selling replica Zara clothes , most of them sell lady’s clothes, you can find zara rerplicas or similar zara style clothes in these store.

3. Use the camera function of Aliexpress App

The Aliexpress App has a built-in camera function, you can find the most similar products on Aliexpress of the photos you take. We have a detailed introduction of how to use this function in one of our articles,you can click here to learn to use this function. If you are quite interested in one certain product, this function is very useful for you. For example, if you want to buy Zara clothes in the picture below, just take a picture of it using camera function, the key is to avoid Zara logo and don’t take the picture too clear, you can take the picture on your computer screen.

According to the results, you can find similar replicas and clothes in simlar styles. If you are luckily enough you can find 100% replicas. However, as Aliexpress increase its strike in replica prohibition, it’s more and more different to find replicas from Aliexpress, instead you can only find similar products of Zara. Click here to Aliexpress

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  1. good titles of the article, drew my attention. as you write, you will not find Zara clothes on Aliexpress, but the best way to get similar clothes is to solve the problem… 3 – camera functions aliexpress app

  2. I am not sure if you can find zara clothes on aliexpress. But anyway I like to order clothes of various brands from aliexpres and never have any problems not with sizes and also not with quality of clothes from there.

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