Guide of buying Jordan on Aliexpress:best Jordan sneakers on Aliexpress

Can I buy real Jordan shoes on AliExpress?

First of all, we have made detailed statistics on the Jordan sellers and Jordan shoes on AliExpress. According to our statistics, the probability of buying real Jordan shoes on AliExpress is pretty low. We mainly draw this conclusion from the following aspects:

  1. Price

When you search for Jordan shoes on AliExpress, you will see a lot of Jordan shoes which are less than 80$, while on Amazon, the lowest price of Jordan shoes of the same model is around 150$, For further rearch, You will find that the price of Jordan shoes of the same model on Amazon is about 3 times of that of AliExpress. In fact, there are few discounts for jordan shoes due to its historical status, this has basically proved the authenticity of these shoes on AliExpress. Of course, there are also some Jordan shoes on AliExpress that cost more than 100$ or even 150$. But we still don’t recommend buying these products. First of all, the price of these shoes is still half of market average price. Secondly, the sales of these shoes are very low, and it is difficult for you to learn more about the authenticity of the products through the feedbacks. If you want a pair of authentic Jordan shoes, just go to other formal websites with better reputation, it’s not rational enough to risk your money for authentic Jordan shoes on aliexpress.

  1. Feedback

We carefully read the user feedback of the best-selling Jordan shoes on AliExpress. According to a large number of user feedbacks, you can easily judge the authenticity of the shoes. In fact, most shoes are replicas. Some of the users are just looking for a pair of high quality replica Jordan shoes with low prices.

Is it worthy to buy replica Jordan shoes on AliExpress

Yes, very much! I don’t know if you have heard of Putian, China. It is a small city in Fujian Province. After China began its reform and opened the country up, Putian, a city on the southeast coast has gradually developed itself into a large international shoe factory for nike, adidas and other international sport brands. In China, people called Putian the Shoe City. Chinese sport brands such as Anta, Erke and some other brands are also developed from Putian factories. In recent years, with the increase in labor costs and material costs, Nike and other companies have gradually moved their manufacturing factories away from China. The Putian shoe workers and factory owners who lost their jobs turned to the production of replicas shoes. As they are all skilled workers with more than 20 years of experience, the high imitation shoes produced in Putian are well-known all over the world. Only sneakermasters can distinguish its authenticity, there are rumors that Putian’s replica shoes have even better quality than genuine ones. There are also some news reported that many foreigners have made a special trip to Putian just to buy high quality Putian shoes. If you can buy a pair of Putian Jordan shoes at a lower price, you can still get a good deal.

Buying genuine Jordan shoes on AliExpress

Of course, there must be merchants selling genuine Jordan shoes on AliExpress, but mixed in a lot of replica shoes, it is not easy to find them. Now AliExpress will give merchants some certifications such as top brand, although they can improve the credibility of the merchants, these certifications do not mean that you will not buy replica shoes in such stores. Through the online information we collected, it is more reliable to buy genuine Jordan shoes from these merchants below. Of course, their prices are not cheap.

Buy replica Jordan shoes on AliExpress

If you are planning to buy a pair of replica Jordan shoes, AliExpress is definitely a good choice.


The proper price of replica Jordan shoes you should buy on aliexpress is about 50 dollars. For those replica shoes of about 20 dollars, their quality and reduction are not good enough. You may only wear these shoes less than half a year. If your budget is $80-100 or more, maybe you should prepare more money for yourself and buy a pair of genuine Jordan shoes. Therefore, it is more sensible to buy a pair of 50-dollar Jordan shoes on AliExpress. These shoes have better quality and a high degree of reduction.


Focus on some classic models, there will be more merchants selling classic Jordan shoes on AliExpress, which means you have more choices and opportunities for comparison. There may be only few merchants selling some rare models on AliExpress, and the sales are very low. For such products, it’s not rational enough to give a try. So what are the most classic Jordan shoes?

Air Jordan 1

The first generation of Jordan uses a very rare feather-like design which are similar to pearl-like texture, the only all-white design of Jordan series, as well as a new sole design with transparent rubber material which looks more valuable, what’s more, it uses the original Jordan logo, which has not appeared in Jordan series after Air Jordan 3. Instead of being a pair of basketball shoes, people nowadays wear Air Jordan 1 as casual and fashion shoes. it’s a milestone to all the sneaker fans, and it will be popular forever.

Air Jordan 3

The chief designer of Air Jordan series, Pete Moore, and the designers, who signed the contract with Nike, suddenly announced their resignation. They are preparing to set up a new company called Van-Glac, which focus on Jordan brand. The first Jordan shoes they release, Air Jordan 3, have brought new style to Jordan series .

Air Jordan 4

Air Jordan 4 is a masterpiece created by both Jordan and Air Flight 89. You can find similar design style of Air Jordan 3 in Air Jordan 4, the main difference is that a new attempt have been added in Air Jordan 4. For the first time a combination of leather and nylon martial was used for its upper which was very popular at the time. The main purpose was to reduce the weight of the shoes and improve the wearing comfort.

Air Jordan 5

Air Jordan 5 has a very large 3M reflective tongue. This material is really low-key in daylight, however at night, you will be the focus of all in the place where there is no light. The upper design inherits the highly respected mesh design of Air Jordan 4, however the plastic mesh for the outer layer has been improved in some materials and detailed design; the fit of the shoelace lock is enhanced, and the transparent rubber outsole has a more gripping effect, Michael Jordan and Hatfield have once again surpassed the design of their previous basketball shoes with these innovative elements.

Air jordan 7

In 1992 Jordan won his championship in the 1992 Barcelona Olympics with Air Jordan 7, so it is particularly precious in the Jordan series. The look of the 7th generation of Jordann is somewhat similar to AJ6. The biggest feature of AJ7 is its color diversity. It adopts the popular shoelace fixture design at that time, the built-in rear air cushion ,classic 23 characters on its heel, and there is a variety of geometric patterns on its sole. The Jordan logo on its upper also adds a lot of identity to the whole design.

Air Jordan 11

The design of AJ11 is inspired by mower shell. AJ11 is the last one in Jordan series which used sole air cushion (after AJ12 the series began to adopt ZOOM), however compared with its ten predecessors, AJ11 definitely has a better performance in court.

Air Jordan 13

Air Jordan 13 is a culmination of design spark, It accompanied Jordan through his last season in Chicago Bulls, although it did not experience the perfect final shot of the final 5.2 seconds of 1998 Finals (Jordan replaced AJ13 with AJ14 in that game), the concept of TWO3 first appeared on Air Jordan 12, it is indeed the exclusive shoes of Jordan in the 1997-98 season, the witness of that legendary history.

Air Jordan 17

The 17th signature Jordan shoes are inspired by jazz music, the design of the upper is more dynamic, and the various lines of the soles come from the golf course, which also brings better grip performance to the shoes. In addition, AJ17 has a suitcase shoe box, which also makes it cost as much as $200.

Air Jordan 20

After 20 years of legend, AJ20 has an extraordinary and commemorative significance in the series. The velcro on the shoe is eye-catching and its revolutionary I.P.S cushioning technology provides unprecedented cushioning performance.

Air Jordan 23

As the last one of Jordan digital series, AJ23 symbolizes the declaration that “legend” never ends. In design,AJ23 is imaginative, a design of fingerprint lines on its front and rear sole, and the lines in the middle sole represent the tendons of human foot.

How to distinguish Jordan shoes from replicas

To distinguish the authenticity of Jordan shoes, we mainly look at the shoe mark, the specific method is as follows:

  1. the checkmark of nike shall be very sleek, while many replicas have unsmooth and malformed one;
  2. pay attention to the alignment, including alignment of letters and alignment among numbers and letters in each part, you will find Disharmonious alignment in replicas;
  3. pay attention to the format of the barcode. The true barcode label has only two kinds, thick lines and thin lines, while replicas have barcode with various widths
  4. the letter space of US, UK, EUR, and cm in the size section should be approximately equal;
  5. there shall be a UPC code, and space of letters and numbers of UPC code shall also equal.

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