Best robot vacuum cleaners you can buy on Aliexpress

Since its rise in 2006, the robot vacuum cleaner has had a great leap in technology and practicability, unlike its reckless figure of stupid AI and clumsy mistake in early years, due to the large progress of AI and algorithm; it is more mature and more practical and has gradually been accepted by normal consumers. The domestic robot market has grown at an average annual rate of 36% in recent years, it has become an indispensable part of modern family which effectively replaced manual labor and makes our life more convenient.

There are fewer manufacturers of robot vacuum cleaner on Aliexpress, while for other items there may be 1000 brands. After our research, we believe it is worthy to buy a robot vacuum cleaner under 200$ on Aliexpress, which is a rather competitive price as most of world-famous robot vacuum cleaners are more than 600$. Due to our comparison, the best brands of robot vacuum cleaner on Aliexpress are iLife, xiaomi, Neatsvor and Liectroux. Before introducing the best models of robot vacuum cleaner on Aliexpress, there are the key tips before buying one. 

How a robot vacuum cleaner works

A robot vacuum cleaner, just as its name suggests, is a smart robot which can sweep the ground by the suction caused by vacuum, also known as sweeping robot. It is a wireless disc like machine which has a large built-in battery for long time sweeping. Most recent robot vacuum cleaners support remote control and manual panel control, you can easily control your machine with your smart phone; also you can schedule cleaning time and frequency. The basic cleaning principle of robot vacuum cleaner is the same of dust vacuum cleaner, there is a sensor on the top of the machine for obstacle detection and circumstance observation. Thanks to the mature technology of AI, Most robot vacuum cleaners can easily get over obstacles and plan a smart and smooth cleaning path. According to different brands and models, there are different special designs and functions such as mopping function, washable dust box and ultraviolet sterilization. You can select special models due to your requirement, however, we don’t recommend you choose model by special functions. Before these fancy functions, you shall select products due to main basic functions of a robot vacuum cleaner.

Main features you should consider before buying a robot vacuum cleaner

Appearance: In order to avoid damage of frequent hit against obstacles and walls. The martial of the robot vacuum cleaner shall be strong enough, most robot vacuum cleaners have similar appearance, pay attention to its color, try to select a proper color which matches your home decoration and your personal style. 

Battery: Driven by built-in batteries, a robot vacuum cleaner’s battery life and energy efficiency are important features which directly decide the service life of a robot vacuum cleaner. The rechargeable battery is generally a nickel-hydrogen battery, and some of the manufacturers may choose a lithium battery, but a robot vacuum cleaner with lithium battery is usually more expensive. The battery charging time and usage time of each manufacturer are also different. After all, frequent charging is not only a kind of damage to the battery of the robot vacuum cleaner, but also shows that this robot vacuum cleaner is a relatively power-hungry one. So battery capacity is not the only feature you should consider, don’t forget battery life and energy efficiency.

Cleaning: theoretically, more power of a robot vacuum cleaner means better cleaning function. However, more power always leads to larger battery consumption and louder noise. So most manufacturers make their engine power in a reasonable range. If you are looking for powerful cleaning, you can buy a model with bigger power. Besides, pay attention to assistant function such as assistant sweeper which can effectively increase cleaning area.

Noise: As a home cleaning device, you definitely don’t want a machine which covers the sound of your TV when operating; a good robot vacuum cleaner should have a good noise reduction function. You can check the noise reduction performance via review videos

Main functions you should consider before buying a robot vacuum cleaner

Path planning: The robot vacuum cleaner will draw a room map, and plan the best cleaning route before cleaning. The intelligence level of path planning will influence its cleaning efficiency, bad path cleaning function will cause mistakes and makes your robot a blind fool. Different brands adapts different path planning strategy. The best planning strategy of robot vacuum cleaner can be divided into 4 part: positioning, composition , planning and cleaning. It is strongly recommended to purchase a robot vacuum cleaner with positioning function. At present, brands of high-quality planning include iRobot, Yutuo, Pusangnik, Dyson, Xiaomi and Cobos.

Even if you choose a robot vacuum cleaner with positioning function, you should pay attention to the following functions if you want to use it comfortably.

1 anti-winding function: choose the model with universal wheel, it can get rid of wires on the ground.

2 obstacles climbing ability: powerful robot can pass thresholds, carpets which decrease malfunction probability.

3 automatic recharge: When battery power is less than 20%, it can automatically return to the charging stand to charge the battery.

4 virtual wall function: if you want the robot vacuum cleaner away from a certain area, you can set a virtual wall on your phone app to limit your robot, this function is very practical in daily application.

5 Timing: With this function, you can set the working time of your robot vacuum cleaner at will, It can start its job when no one is at home, which completely eliminates noise troubles. PS: This is very practical. You can set it to work during daytime, it is comfortable to see a clean and refreshed home every day after work! Just make sure there is no wire and small items on the ground.

Best models you can buy from Aliexpress

iLife V7s

what do you expect from a cheap robot vacuum cleaner under 180$, the answer from V7s is remarkable. It has all the practical function that a robot vacuum cleaner needs. Except from basic cleaning function, it has 2 different mopping function: dry mopping and wet mopping which are very useful for families. Other useful functions such as drop prevention, remote control, Scheduling can cover 90% functions of daily use. It has a 500ml dust bin and 450 ml water tank for mopping, while large tanks make the machine too wide for tight area cleaning. V7s produces 60 decibels while cleaning which is quite acceptable. V7s takes 300 minute for recharging and provides 140 minute run time. It’s a pity that V7s doesn’t support phone control and its navigational algorithm isn’t as sophisticated as more expensive robot cleaners, however, it is not fair to compare V7s with robot cleaners twice of its price. The navigation system is the largest shortage of V7s, it is not as efficient and wise as expensive robot vacuum cleaner, it will just run until the battery runs out, however it can still clean your home, just costs more battery power. After all it is still a good budget option for homes with low pile carpet and bare floor. You can buy the V7s in Amazon, however you have to pay $260 plus shipping. While in the ilife official store on Aliexpress you can get the same model within 180$, what’s more, there are large discount during promotion season. You can have a change to buy V7s within 160$! So if you are looking for a budget robot vacuum cleaner under 200$, try V7s.

iLife V8s

V8s is the upgraded version of V7s, it has 2-side brushes while V7s only has one. It upgrades its power and battery capacity which makes this machine impressive in endurance, so it is quite suitable for large house. IT has a screen on the top of the cleaner for information display. You can check cleaning time and cleaning mode on the screen and manual control the machine with 3 buttons below the screen. Those three buttons are home, Time clean and circular motion mode. Just like V7s, the V8s has no room mapping function, however compared with the V7s, the V8s has better navigational algorithm. It still cannot defeat robot vacuum cleaners with mapping function, but it has a large advantage in navigational algorithm compared with the V7s. the V8s has 4 available cleaning modes: Auto, Path Programmed,  Edge and Spot. The difference between Auto and Path Programmed cleaning modes is that the robot moves randomly in the first, and uses its gyro sensors to move in a more “regulated” manner in the second, a technology hilariously titled i-Move by the producer. Just like the V7s, the V8s produces 66 decibels when operating in its max mode. It has a 750ml dust bin and 300 ml water tank, makes its diameter 1 inch smaller than v7s, which allow the V8s to clean in narrower space. On Aliexpress, you can buy the V8s within 220$, still a fine budget robot vacuum cleaner, as an ungraded version, the V8s has a lot of advantage which deserves its higher price, if you like the V7s, we recommend you to spend 40$ more for the V8s. Still the V8s has no accompanying mobile app or wireless connectivity, if you are looking for budget machines with more smart functions , try Xiaom robot vacuum cleaner.

Xiaomi robot vacuum cleaner

Be famous of cheap and fine quality, Xiaomi are extending its product line from smartphone to more smart devices. Launched in 2016, the Xiaomi or Mi robot vacuum cleaner has gained a good reputation. It has a simple design, its main body is surrounded by a bumper ring including 2seperated parts. This design allows the robot to run into obstacles without damage. Xiaomi robot vacuum cleaner has a laser senor on its top, which gives the machine mapping function, the mapping function gives the robot a huge leap in pathing and navigational algorithm. Due to our tests, xiaomi robot is smarter than those of iLife without laser sensors. To enhance its pathing effect, xiaomi robot vacuum cleaner adopts a few different tactics of pathing, so it can easily change its pathing method due to the change of room. Besides, it has 12 different sensors for real-time movement detecting, which offers more support for navigational algorithm. In a word, Xiaomi robot’s pathing and navigational algorithm system is outstanding among robots at its price. Another highlights of Xiaomi robot vacuum cleaner are its large battery and smart functions. It has a 5200 mAh battery, almost as twice large of that of iLife, which offers more working time and larger power, so if you have a large house,Xiaomi robot is very suitable. Xiaomi robot vacuum cleaner can connect your home Wifi and be remote controlled by your smart phone any where you want. On the official app of Xiaomi, which contains all the home smart devices of xiaomi, You can control your machine to start working any time you want and clean any room you want. Besides, you can also monitor the cleaning path and working condition of the machine. you can intuitively see how smart the machine is due to its path planning. The average noise of Xiaomi robot is 65dB, it’s not too loud but we still recommend you set it to work when you are away. Now you can buy a Xiaomi robot vacuum cleaner from Aliexpress just with 280$, which saves you more than 50 $ if you buy it from Amazon. They have stores in many different countries, so you can get your robot in just a few days. 

Roborock robot vacuum cleaner

Roborock is one of Xiaomi’s hardware partners, and the Roborock robot vacuum cleaner can be considered as the second generation of Xiaomi Mi robot vacuum cleaner. In fact, the Xiaomi Mi robot vacuum cleaner is also manufactured by Roborock, as Xiaomi changed its strategy to give more prominence to his partners, the second generation of Mi robot vacuum cleaner is named as Roborock robot vacuum cleaner. There are few changes in design aesthetic compared with its first-gen model, an obvious change is the water tank at the back bottom of main body, which add mopping function to the second-gen model, while the first-gen model only support dry cleaning. In hardware, the Roborock robot vacuum cleaner, also known as Mi robot 2, has better routing algorithm and more powerful motor. The first-gen model has a 1800 Pa motor, while the Mi 2 has a 2000Pa motor, which provides more cleaning power. Also it upgrades more useful algorithms for different surroundings, and more cleaning mode for different scene. You don’t necessarily need to use the Mi Home app to monitor the Mi Robot 2. You can start the cleaning by hitting the power button, and the robot does the rest by itself. But if you want to take a look at the vacuum’s cleaning route in real-time or get a detailed view of the cleaning statistics and remaining charge level, then Mi Home comes in handy. Overall the Roborock robot vacuum cleaner is a good upgrade over Xiaomi robot vacuum cleaner, it has a good upgrade in hardware and algorithm, but the significant upgrade is its mopping function, the price of Roborock robot vacuum cleaner is about 380$ on Aliexpress, while it saves 100$, if you buy its first-gen model, in our opinion, the upgrade of Roborock is good, but not good enough to bring significant enhancement in cleaning performance, so if you don’t care about mopping function, we recommend Xiaomi Mi robot vacuum cleaner as it is much cheaper and enough for home daily cleaning.   

Liectroux C30B

If you are looking for a cheaper robot vacuum cleaner with all the functions that Roborock has, the C30B may be a option. It support mapping, mopping, app control and virtual wall functions just like the Roborock robot vacuum cleaner. It even support voice prompt although it is not as practical as we imagined. The C30B is the newest model launched in 2019, which only costs about 230$, compared with the Roborock robot vacuum cleaner, it has almost all the smart functions of the MI 2, so if you want to experience all the smart functions with less money, the C30B is the best choice. However, the hardware of the C30B is not as good as the Xiaomi Mi 2, the battery of the C30B is just 2500mAh, only half of the battery capacity of the Roborock robot vacuum cleaner. And the pathing algorithm of the C30B is not as smart as Xiaomi Mi 2 due to our tests, although the C30B has mapping system, the pathing performance in irregular space and narrow room is not as good as Xiaomi MI 2, and it has higher possibility of malfunction. In a word, it is not as efficient as Xiaomi robot, but its pathing system is still Ok. Another advantage of the C30B is its powerful 3000Pa motor, offering powerful sanction and cleaning performance. However, as it only has 2500mAh battery, the C30B is easier to run out of power, so if you have a large house, you should consider this shortage carefully. In conclusion, costing within 230$, the C30B has an integrated performance in cleaning, smart function and pathing algorithm, if you want a robot vacuum cleaner within 250$ and experiencing more smart functions, you can give the C30B a try.

Neatsvor X500

40$ cheaper than the C30B, the Neastsvor X500 also support app control and mopping function. It is suitable for house less than 150 ㎡, although it supports less smart functions, the functions of its app such as scheduling, mapping, remote control is enough for 90% daily requirement. The mopping function of the X500 is not efficient as we required, and its pathing algorithm is just so-so, luckily its basic cleaning function is pretty good, so for a 190$ budget robot vacuum cleaner with app control, it’s overall performance is remarkable among robot vacuum under 200$ on Aliexpress. If you are looking for robot vacuum cleaner under 200$ on Aliexpress, the X500 is a competitive candidate.

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