Best replica woman bag stores on Aliexpress 2020(Chanel,Balenciaga , Gucci,YSL,LV,etc)

When you open this article, you must be desperate for a low-cost replica bag. As we all know, China is the world’s largest base for the production of replica products, so you can always find some high-quality replicas on AliExpress.

Price of replica bags on Aliexpress

We recommended you to buy replica bags within 100$ from Aliexpress, in fact, most of the sellers on Aliexpress doesn’t provide replica bags too expensive due to low sales volume, few sellers have about 300$ replica bags, they have better quality and detail, however due to its low sales number, it’s a risk to have it a try. Anyway, we didn’t remove them from our best replica bag store list, you can check it out, and if you bought one of them, we welcome you to share your feedbacks with us.

What type of replica bags you can buy from Aliexpress

Looking for 100% replicas? you may be disappointed, most of the replica bags on Aliexperss are 80% similar products, years ago you may find sellers provide 100% replicas on Aliexpress. However, after several serious lawsuits, Aliexpress constantly improves its restriction level of replicas, sellers who provide 100% replicas will be banned directly, still there are few sellers selling 100% replicas, but it’s hard to find them and they may be banned at any moment. These 80% replicas are not real replicas according to the judgment of New York court, so you don’t have to be worried to get involved in any copyright trouble. So Can we still buy 100% replica bags from Aliexpress? It’s very hard to find them out as most 100% replica sellers won’t last long, we have found out some of them, but not quite sure how long can them survive from Aliexpress’ foreclosure.

How to find replica bags

If you try to use “LV”,”Louis Vuitton”,”Chanel” as keyword, you will get nothing from the search engine of Aliexpress. Aliexpress has banned almost all the famous brand name in its search engine to decrease the sales number of some fine replicas. Most of the replica stores won’t be showed on Aliexpress homepage and recommend list, you can only pick them out by skilled search. You can try the following keywords for replica bags and some fine stores.

Another useful way to find replicas of a certain model is camera function of Aliexpress app. We had a detailed introduction of it in another article, you can click here to check it out.

Based on these two methods, we have picked out the best stores for replica bags of the most famous luxury bag brands, you see, most of these stores have replica bags of more than one single brand. The principle of our classification is that once a store has more than 5 classic bag models of a certain brand, we put it in our list. Most of the stores we pick have more than 100 replica products, I’m quite sure you can find some fine products there, here is the list, just check it out.

Balenciaga:Female Bags Store/Shop4692044 store/SupButterfly Store/Bestore Fashion Co., Ltd/fuahalu store

Fendi:Female Bags Store/Shop4646174 store/Shop4602019 Store/3&M Store/shop4645150 store

Gucci:Female Bags Store/Shop4497022 Store/iVlog store/Shop180613 store/Shop4646174 store/VEDOL Boutique Store/

chanel:Female Bags Store/Sycatree Juyouki Store/

YSL:Female Bags Store/Shop4497022 Store/Shop4709005 store/Shop4646174 store/

MarcJacobs:Female Bags Store/

LV:/ Shop4497022 Store/Shop4646174 store/Shop4997524 store/XuXu bag store/Shop4649094 store/

Moschino:/Shop4497022 Store/Shop4646174 store

Hermes:3&M Store/zhiwang168888 store/chameleon bags store store/kajie official store/

Prada:/fuahalu store/XuXu bag store/doodoo Factory Store/shop4645150 store

Dior:/ditengma store/shop4989197 store/SK SK Store

/daitiantian store/

Celine:/relwaver offical store/shop4561039 store/shop4645150 store/tristana store/motibag store/

Coach:/clim store zhiwang168888 store/Shop4646174 store/

Versace:/happy shopping factory outlets/

Chloe:tianming bags store/cachi store

Valentino:/rachsa bags store/shop4995398 store/by hill bag store/

 Here are some useful keywords for search of soem certain brands Keyword:gg-bag/LV:/Luis Vuiton/luis brand/Gucci:/Little Bee bag/chanel:/channel bag/channels handbags/brand c bag/YSL:/doodoo brand handbag/


Tip for buying a proper bag

Size of the bag: You should consider your height when choosing a bag. If you are above 165cm, a 60cm handbag which can store a magazine is proper. Else if you are under 158cm, a smaller 50cm handbag is more suitable for you as it can stretch the proportion of your body jocularly. You shall also take your figure into consideration. If you are tall and thin, you can choose any style of fashion handbags. However, a larger handbag is more proper for you. But if you are really into handbags, just make sure it fits snugly on your shoulders. For full-fledged women, it is best to choose a bag with a curved arc, because this bag can emphasize the beauty of your curve. Don’t choose long bag braces, just keep your bag above the middle waist. Be sure to avoid small size bags, which will make you look bigger and stronger, a medium-sized fashion handbag is more recommended.

Occasion: every bag has its own style, it’s quite embarrassed to take your bag to a wrong location, here are some tips for you. For daily-use bags, you can choose large size bags; for official occasion such as cocktail parties and dance parties,  you shall always keep in mind that your evening wear and your bags should be a reasonable match. Delicate and high-quality handbags are the best choice, silk, velvet, patent leather and beaded fabric are the perfect materials of your bags. If you want to make a longer-term investment, you can choose bags in black or some metallic colors. If you are a frequent visitor to the club and bar, you shall choose a cheap handbag for more realistic reasons, at least you do not have to worry too much for your loss if you lose it in the bar. The most basic principle is that this handbag should be able to match at least three suits of clothes, and special material, eye-catching bag can make your body shine in the club.

Quality: Except from the appearance and size of the bag, the quality of the bag is actually more important as it directly decides the lifetime of a bag, you can check the quality of the bag according to the following features: 1 material: the best fabric is leather, now most of the cheap bags use PU leather, it is a layer of PU on a very thin layer of leather; the inner side of the bag is now mostly chemical fiber and canvas, just make sure it’s not too soft. 2 workmanship: you can check the workmanship by checking the inside of bag, for example, you can exam the sewing of bag and lining should be close to the fabric 3 accessories: the hardware accessories of good quality bags will be very bright! If you touch it with your hand, the water left on it will gradually disappear, and it will restore bright again. Also check other decorations, such as the knotted knot, make sure they are firm and in good color. 5 weight: generally good bag’s hardware always uses brass or copper, so the weight of it should be quite heavy, while hardware of low-end bags are much lighter than genuine or authentic replica bags, they are more lighter. 7 design: such as arcs, sharp corners, flip cover, symmetrical parts and three-dimensional parts, usually these parts are the most flimsy part of your bag, make sure there are no flaw in these parts. 8 taste: inferior leather has a pungent PU leather taste which may be haunted for months, in addition, a lot of glue will be used when making a bag, good manufacturers of replica bags have better imported glue, generally they won’t have too much pungent smell.




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  1. This post is very informative. You have explained very well how to buy bags according to latest style, occasion. Generally, while buying bags, we don’t check the quality of bag, which must be checked before buying. Good idea. I am also going to share this post with my friends and look forward their views on this.

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