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A lot of customers expect to buy budget projectors with both low price and good quality from Aliexpress. As I know, it’s never easy to find an ideal budget product from Aliexpress or Taobao, because an excessive pursuit of low price always guides you to products and brands with extremely poor quality. You can click here to read my blog about my research of Aun projector, a best-selling projector band on Aliexpress which actually has no popularity and qualification in China.

You see, when picking a budget projector on Aliexpress, you have to face unknown brands which are not as famous as Sony and BenQ, it’s difficult to find a trustable brand among them, the only reference you may count on are the buyers’ reviews posted on Aliexpress, which also can be fake.

To help you, I find best-selling cheap projectors sold on Taobao from China, and luckily you can also buy them from Aliexpress. All of these brands have a long history and gained good reputation and popularity in China, thousands of customers had bought their projectors,and thousands of 5 star reviews make them worthy to buy. Here is my best projectors on Aliexpress, The list was arranged according to price (Low to High), let’s start.

Rigal RD803 (about 130$)


  • 2000 Lumens led light source
  • Multifunctional input: VGA/HDMI/USB/AV/SD card
  • 480P image 3D projector
  • 1000:1 Contrast Ratio

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I actually don’t recommend buying a budget projector under 150$,as most best-selling cheap projectors in China are all above 200$. A projector under 150$ may not be able to provide basic user experience, let alone projectors under 100$. However the RD803 is an exception. Rigal is one of the best manufacturers of budget projectors in China, its products sold amazingly on Taobao. The RD803 is cheap because it’s a predecessor of the newest Rigal projectors, there may be a gap in key features, but it is still more reliable compared with those Chinese fake brands which has no popularity in China and exaggerate their products on Aliexpress. So if you really want to try a projector under 150$ on Aliexpress, try the RD803.

The simple appearance of The RD803 makes it just like a business projector. However with the proper size of 261*198*94mm and 2.0Kg weight, the RD803 is much smaller and lighter compared with most business projectors, you can easily hold it with your hands. A 2000-Lumens Led bulb of the RD803 offers good image performance in dark, but not good enough in daylight. The RD803’s proper projection distance is between 1.1-3.5m, which can provide image size ranged from 35 inches to 120 inches, which is quite enough for home theatre. It is amazing that this cheap 130$ projector can also support 3D projection, A built-in 3D project model makes it possible to watch 3D movies with red-blue glasses at home. The main shortcomings of the RD803 are its outdated contrast ratio and 480P image.

Now most projectors already support 720P and 1080P pictures ,the RD803’s outdated 480P image performance may let you down, you can find dot image on your screen when observed from close range, but they won’t be found when observed from mid range. The modest contrast ratio turned all colors a little white, anyway these are common shortages of budget projectors, don’t worry too much about it. In conclusion, if you don’t have strict requirement of image clarity, and really want a cheap projector, the RD803 is your best choice under 150$.

Rigal RD817(about 230$)


  • 3500 Lumens led light source
  • Multifunctional input: VGA/HDMI/USB/AV/SD card/WIFI(Android version)
  • 720P image 3D projector(Max support 1080P resource)
  • 1500:1 Contrast Ratio
  • Android 4.4 smart system(Android version)

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The Rigal RD817 is one of the best-selling 200$-300$ budget projectors sold on Taobao, every month more than 2000 people ordered this model from Taobao. Thousands of good feedbacks proved it to be a very excellent budget project between 200$ and 300$.

The RD817’s size is a little bit larger than the Rigal RD803, but it is just as convenient in portability as the RD803. The larger size increased the RD817’s weight to 3.5kg, however it is still acceptable as a home projector. The appearance of the RD817 doesn’t inherit Rigal’s traditional business design style, there are several modern elements in its design, and the well-designed control keys decorated the RD817 in a strong technology style. In front of the RD817,a large LED bulb which gives light as bright as 3500 Lumens is the first appearance feature drew my attention. It didn’t disappoint me when I used it to watch a movie, This 3500 Lumens bulb brings a good performance both in daylight(curtain closed) and dark.

The RD817 supports 720P image, combined with its 1500:1 contrast ratio, the RD817’s image performance totally exceeds RD803’s 480P image performance. RD817’s proper projection distance is 1-4m(3m is the best, which shows a 100 inches image), providing image ranged from 45 inches to 200 inches which is sufficient for most of family necessity. There are two version of RD817: Basic version without smart system and Android version with Android 4.4 system. The Android version is more recommended, with a smart system it is easier to operate your projector, you can even install apps on your projectors or display excel or PDF directly from SD card. In conclusion, the RD817 is a very attractive budget projector around 200$-300$, the only reason to refuse it may just be its 3500 Lumens bulb if you want higher brightness.

Poner Saund Led96+ WIFI(about 300$)


  • 5500 Lumens led light source
  • Multifunctional input: VGA/HDMI/USB/AV/SD card/WIFI/Bluetooth
  • 720P image 3D projector(max support 1080P resource)
  • 4000:1 Contrast Ratio
  • Android 4.4 smart system

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Poner Saund or Hongtianpao is the best-selling budget projector brand in China, even Rigal can’t match its incredible sales on Taobao. There is even a copycat brand called NewPal on Aliexpress, Some of its best-selling products are just like those of Poner Saund. It disappointed me at the first beginning when I failed to find any Poner Saund product on Aliexpress. However after a few more attempts of search on Aliexpress, I finally found out a trustworthy store and the best-selling Led96+.The Led96 is an upgraded version of the Led86, there are actually many versions of the Led96, such as Led96+, Led96g, Led96H. It is unfortunate that some of them can’t be found on Aliexpress. Taking performance, price and quality into consideration, Led96+ WIFI is the best 300$ projector among all Poner Saund projectors found on Aliexpress.

The Led96+ WIFI’s size is a little larger compared with other projectors such as the RD817,it is understandable that it needs more space for the bright 5500 Lumens Led bulb. The design style of the Led96+ WIFI distinguished itself from other projectors easily. The clean white cover and unique designed protection shield in front of it give the Led96+ WIFI a graceful Chinese style. Due to the Led96+ WIFI’s 5500 Lumens bulb, you just need to close your curtain to get brilliant 720P image performance in daylight. However this bright Led bulb may be a double-edge sword, the bright image of this projector may get your eyes tired after a long time of watching, and decrease dynamic contrast ratio of the image.

However the Led96+WIFI has an excellent contrast ratio of 4000:1, according to my review, the real contrast ratio may not be as high as 4000:1 as the seller claimed, but the image is still remarkable among other projectors with similar price. You can get 40-200 inches image according to projection distance, the proper distance is 2-5m, it may be a little difficult to get a 200 inches image as few families can find a 5m projection distance at home. Another reason I recommended the Led96+ WIFI version is that you just need to spend a few more dollars to get a lot of extra functions such Bluetooth, Android system and WIFI. In conclusion, the Led96 is the newest product of the best-selling Poner Saund, there is no reason to reject the Led96+ WIFI except its size.

Coolux Q7S mini projector (about 215$)


  • 170ANSI Lumens DLP mini projector
  • Multifunctional input: AV/HDMI/USB /WIFI/Bluetooth 4.0
  • Native 3D 480P (max support 1080P resource), 1000:1 contrast ratio
  • Build-in 5000mAh battery, working time:2-4h
  • Android 4.4 smart system
  • Automatic focus

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Coolux is a very famous projector brand that hasn’t been discovered on Aliexpress, it has focused on mini smart projectors for years and gained good reputations among Chinese customers. It’s unfortunate that few people ordered Coolux products on Aliexpress, as it is actually one of the best projector brands in China. The Coolux Q7S is the newest budget mini projector launched in 2017, and it is definitely the best mini projector between 200$-300$ without any match. What’s more, the price of the Q7S on Aliexpress is even much lower than its price on Taobao(about 270$). So in my opinion, the Q7S is your only option if you want a budget mini projector.

Just having a look at the Q7S’ package, you will know it deserves your money, the Q7S’ design is just as delicate as products of Huawei and Xiaomi. It is a white graceful small box that you can hold with one hand or even put in pockets. On the smooth top of the Q7S, there is a hidden touch panel, which you can easily control it anywhere without a controller. As a mini projector, the Q7S doesn’t have input ports as many as other home projectors, however its HDMI/USB /WIFI/Bluetooth 4.0 inputs are sufficient and efficient for a portable projector. Due to its technical accumulation, the 170 ANSI Lumens bulb provides good image both in daylight and dark although the Q7S only has a 1000:1 contrast ratio. The native resolution ratio of the Q7S is 480P, it may be a little insufficient for home theatre projectors, but quite enough for a budget mini projector, and its image performance is good due to its high-quality hardware.

As a mini projector, the projection distance of the Q7S is shorter than home projectors, You just need 0.5-3m projection distance to get 20-100 inches image. There is a built-in 5000mAh lithium-ion battery inside the Q7S, you can finish watching a 2-hour movie or several episodes of TV series with the battery, which makes the Q7S adaptable for many  circumstances besides home. In conclusion, the Q7S is the best 200-300$ budget mini projector on Aliexpress, there is no other option on Aliexpress considering its low price and good quality.

JmGO A6(about 310$)


  • 2500 Lumens Led home projector
  • Multifunctional input: RCA/AGV/RJ45/HDMI/USB /WIFI/Bluetooth
  • Native 3D 720P (support 1080P resource), 3000:1 contrast ratio
  • Android 4.4 smart system

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JmGO is famous in China for its smart projector products, it is a brand with short history, but its projectors are already popular among Chinese customers, it is definitely the No.1 projector brand on Taobao. Most products of JmGO are above 400$, the A6 is the first budget smart projector launched by JmGO. Most famous projector brands are very cautious about releasing a budget projector, as it’s difficult to produce a budget projector with both good quality and low price. However, the JmGO A6 has proven itself to be a success, every month more than 1000 people bought the JmGO A6 from since its release. With the same key features, It may be more expensive than products of Poner Saund and Rigal, but no Poner Saund and Rigal projector can reach the craft as delicate as the JmGO A6.

The A6 is larger than most of the home projectors, it seems that JmGO spent few effort on the A6’s appearance, it’s a large rectangular box with a huge lens, while the silver texture of the top shell gives the A6 a metal style. The appearance of the A6 is not as amazing as other products of JmGO, but it offers good image performance which are more outstanding compared with its appearance. The A6 has brilliant hardware to support its remarkable 720P image performance, the 2500 Lumens Led bulb and 3000:1 contrast ratio are exceptional among budget projectors at similar price.

The image of the A6 is pretty impressive both in daylight and dark, the proper projection distance of the A6 is 0.5-5.5m, and the recommended image size is 35-120 inches. The A6 supports many inputs including RCA/AGV/RJ45, which means you can connect almost any device to your A6. In conclusion, the A6 is the first budget projector of JmGO, it costs more compared with other budget brands, but the craft and technology of JmGo makes it totally worthy. The only defect which I care is the A6’s large size and mediocre appearance.

Coolux X6S (about 320$)


  • 280ANSI Lumens DLP mini projector
  • Multifunctional input: AV/HDMI/USB /WIFI/Bluetooth 4.0
  • Native 3D 720P (support 4K resource), 2000:1 contrast ratio
  • Build-in 15000mAh battery, working time:3-5h
  • Android 4.4 smart system
  • Automatic focus

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If you’re dissatisfied with the resolution ratio of Coolux Q7S, and looking for a mini projector with better image performance, anther Coolux product, the X6S is your best choice. The price of the X6S on Taobao is about 400$, but you can get this well-designed projector just with about 320$ on Aliexpress, it’s a perfect deal for any product on Aliexpress, let alone for a Coolux.

The X6S is a rectangular box which is a little larger than the X6S, it’s hard to put it in your pockets but it is still easy to take it anywhere just like a small book due to its 19.5mm thickness. The pretty blue shell of the X6S is made of aircraft aluminum alloy, which is in a strong modern and technology style. The X6S supports Multifunctional inputs such as AV/HDMI/USB /WIFI/Bluetooth 4.0, just like the Q7S. The 280 ANSI Lumens Led bulb and 2000:1 contrast ratio of the X6S provide sharp image which is much better than image of the Q7S, the image performance of the X6S can even match performance of large budget home projectors such as the RD817, which is very remarkable. The native 720P image of the X6S also gives it brilliant user experience which seemingly doesn’t belong to a mini projector, basically the X6S can replace a cheap home projector.

The official recommended projection distance is 0.5-3m, giving image ranged from 20 inches to 100 inches. However, due to its powerful 280 ANSI Lumens bulb, you can get good image as big as 150 inches if you want. There is a 15000mAh battery inside the X6S, this large volume battery affords you 3-5 hours fun anywhere without power source. When connecting your phone or tablet with the X6S, the X6S can even charge your devices just like a power bank. Like other Coolux products, the X6S has a concise Android 4.4 smart system which is actually a basic configuration of 300-400$ projectors. In conclusion, as a mini projector, the X6S has image performance which doesn’t lose to large budget home projector, considering its portability and cheap price on Aliexpress, you can’t miss this product at such a low price.

Coolux S3(about 380$)


  • 1000 ANSI Lumens DLP mini projector
  • Multifunctional input: AV/HDMI/USB /WIFI/Bluetooth 4.0
  • Native 3D 720P (support 4K resource), 5000:1 contrast ratio
  • Build-in HiVi speaker
  • Android 4.4 smart system
  • Automatic focus

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There are few Chinese projector brands which have confidence to sell their products as high as 400$. Among fewer choices, I believe the Coolux S3 is the best choice. It is not as expensive as JMGO and XGIMI projectors. But it is the cheapest projector which brings you feelings of a theater, the S3 reaches a total different level compared with other home budget projectors we motioned before, and it is a real outstanding home theater projector at low price, if you want a theater at home, the Coolux S3 is a good choice to save your money.

The S3 is a 20mm square black box which only weights 2.7kg. The glass-like texture of the S3’s shell makes it as clean and delicate as an artwork. The S3 has a unique power switch, you can open the S3 just uncovering its lens cap, and the blue led light of Coolux logo on its top shines beautifully while operating. The S3 supports AV/HDMI/USB /WIFI/Bluetooth 4.0 inputs, fewer inputs than other common home projectors, pay attention if you have special requirement of input. One of the reasons why I called the S3 a home theater projector is its 1000 ANSI Lumens bulb and contrast ratio as high as 5000:1, it offers vivid 720P image performance and splendid colors. Shape contrast ratio makes it a real enjoy to watch a 4K movie on it.

A build-in HiVi speaker is the S3’s another highlight, HiVi is a famous Chinese speaker manufacturer, in practice this HiVi speaker has sound performance just as good as a JBL speaker. The official projection distance of the S3 is 0.5-3m, but you can easily get a clear 150 inches image if you want. There is a small camera in front of the S3, which was designed for automatic focusing. In practice, the automatic focusing function is very actuate and saves your time of manually focusing. The S3 has good quality hardware for its smart Android 4.4 system, you can install Android TV apps on it to extend your content easily. In conclusion, if you are not satisfied with performance of cheap home projectors and pursue more quality and image performance, the S3 just offers the right user experience you need at a lower price.

JmGO P2(about 600$)


  • 250ANSI Lumens 3D mini projector
  • Multifunctional input: HDMI/USB /WIFI/Bluetooth 4.0
  • Native 3D 720P (support 1080P resource), 1000:1 contrast ratio
  • Build-in 15600mAh battery, working time:2-5h
  • Android 4.4 smart system
  • Automatic focus

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I hesitated a lot whether to keep the JmGO P2 on my list, the JmGO P2 is a very excellent product with a unique design, you will love it the moment you see it. The only problem is that it’s too expensive considering its key features, the main shortcomings are the 250 ANSI Lumens bulb and 1000:1 contrast ratio of the P2, which are quite humble for a 600$ mini projector. The P2 isn’t a good choice for people who pursue extreme image performance. But I love the P2’s design so much that I still want to introduce it to people who attracted by its amazing design.

The P2 which only weights 1kg is just as big as a sport water bottle, the silver body of the P2 is made of aluminum alloy. The special design of the P2 had won a lot of international awards, its concise and technology style is so charming that you may decide to buy it just because of its appearance. The 720P image performance of the P2 is actually good and enough for daily use, the main shortcoming of the image is the low contrast ratio which couldn’t provide sharper colors. With the help of the P2’s base, you can easily project your image any angle you like, just think about lying on bed and enjoying a movie projected on your ceiling, isn’t it nice? The P2 has a remarkable built-in HiFi speaker, it can work as a portable Bluetooth speaker for 10 straight hours due to its 15600mAH battery, another cool reason to buy the P2.

The P2 only has one HDMI port and one USB port which are fewer compared with other projectors. The proper projection distance of the P2 is 2-5m,which can provide a 40-180 inches image. The brilliant hardware for the Android 4.4 system of the P2 makes it just as powerful as your Smartphone and tablet. In conclusion, the P2 may be a little expensive, but it’s an amazing geek projector with cool functions and fine image performance, you won’t regret buying it .

XGIMI Z4 Aurora(650$)


  • 700ANSI Lumens DLP theatre projector
  • Multifunctional input: AV/HDMI/USB /WIFI/Bluetooth 4.0/Airplay/DLNA
  • Native 3D 720P (support 4K resource), 5000:1 contrast ratio
  • Android 4.3 smart system(quad-core 1.5G, 2GB RAM, 16GB ROM)
  • Automatic focus, gesture control
  • Harman/kardon built-in speaker

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XGIMI and JmGO may be the only Chinese brands who have confidence to release a 700$ projector. XGIMI is a very young brand just found in 2012, however its extreme pursuit of good quality and geek technology had already gained itself millions of fans in China. The XGIMI product is more than a projector, it’s a smart media device which can totally replace your smart TV. The XGIMI Z4 Aurora is an upgraded version of the XGIMI Z4X, however it is much better than the Z4X, it has both top projection functions only found on 1000$ projectors and unique geek functions such as gesture control. The high configurations of smart hardware makes the Z4 Aurora a real smart home theater, it is totally worthy to buy this device with just 650$.

The Z4 Aurora just looks like a mini grey jukebox with a black disc on it, the delicate craft of the Z4 Aurora will amaze you at the first moment. The black disc on top of the Z4 Aurora is more than an ornamental, you can switch music and change sound volume just with your hand waving above the disc. The powerful 700ANSI Lumens can provide clear 720P image as big as 300 inches, and the impressive 5000:1 contrast ratio makes your image so splendid and colorful that you don’t need go to a theater any more. However it’s a pity that the Z4 Aurora only has 720P resolution although it supports 4K resources. The Z4 Aurora has a world-famous Harman/kardon built-in speaker, whose sound performance doesn’t lose to a professional music player, the Z4 Aurora has a speaker mode, in which you can enjoy your music just with this excellent Harman/kardon speaker.

Another highlight of the Z4 Aurora is its smart system, with the help of its high-configuration hardware, the Z4 Aurora is just like a Smartphone, you can even play games on it. In conclusion, it may be hard to set up your mind to buy a projector as expensive as 650$ on Aliexpress, but if you want a high-quality theater projector and doesn’t have enough money for a Sony or a BenQ, it is definitely worthy to buy the Z4 Aurora, a smart media device more than a projector.

JmGO G3 Pro (750$) vs XGIMI H1(850$)

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Check on Aliexpress

I struggled so much for the very last projector on my list between the JmGO G3 Pro and the XGIMI H1, they are both excellent and it’s difficult for me to pick a better one. So I decided to introduce both of them and you can make a choice according to my compare.

The G3 Pro is 100$ cheaper than the H1, and it is much smaller than the H1, the golden appearance of the G3 Pro is more adorable than that of the H1.The H1 is such a large silver box that you need to save a special space for it and it is better to hang the H1 up. The large size and expensive price help the H1 win the battle of image performance. The H1’s 1080P image performance is better than the G3 Pro’s 720P image performance, however not as obvious as the data showed. The G3 pro has a brighter bulb compared with the H1, and they tied each other in contrast ratio race. In sound performance the XGIMI H1 won a little due to its Harman/kardon built-in speaker, but I think the HiFi speaker of the G3 Pro is already good enough for most of people. Both of them have smart Android systems which are easy to operate, which ties the game of system. Another reason why I can’t made my decision was that the price of the H1 on Aliexpress is much more expensive than that on Taobao, while the price of G3 Pro on Aliexpress is more acceptable, although the H1 has better key features, it just costs too much money. Both of these products have good reputation in China, and I just can’t find a better one between them, anyway, if you want to find the best projector on Aliexpress, just choose one of them.


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  2. Hi – thanks for the information – this is great as there must be a million different projectors on Aliexpress!

    There is a special coming up on aliexpress which makes most of these very reasonably priced. Some questions:
    The JmGO A6: This appears to be Chinese language only – this must make it very difficult to use if you are not chinese – is this correct?
    The Poner Saund Led96+ -on aliexpress is 3000 lumens not 5500 – which is right?
    I assume either way it is a brighter and better projector than the Rigal RD817?
    Rigal also has a RD806a and RD808 projectors which are slightly more expensive- are these any better or newer than the 817?
    I’m mainly looking at the Poner Saund Led96+ and the Rigal RD817
    Thanks for any further info

  3. Thank you for letting me know of these projectors. But I have problem with AliExpress because it doesn’t give prompt delivery of product worldwide.

    It is better to buy from Amazon as well.

  4. Hey there. Great article. Thank you for spending so much time for us prospect buyers.
    I have a similar question as Matt’s. I currently have a Rigal 806 and I almost bought the Rigal 808a before reading your article. My question is. Is the Ponar Saund Led96+ with or without wifi any better than rhe Rigal 806 or the 808a? Would I see a lot of difference in the picture quality in Led96+ compared to the 806 & 808a? What about text readability on the Ponar? Though I mainly use it for movies and I have a dark room with very littlw or no ambient light. I Have a provision to go up to 7meters.

  5. I must say that after reading this article I was sure that it was trust worthy enough to be a deciding factor. And i went ahead and bought the Ponar Saund Led96+. And let me tell you something. It’s a piece of garbage.

    Loud fan noise
    Over contrasted video
    Red is Maroon

    The image quality is not worth the buy.

    Thank you.

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