Best original and replica sneaker stores on Aliexpress(Nike, adidas, puma, Balenciaga,etc)

After the introduction of the top replica watch and lady bag brands on Aliexpress, we intended to introduce the top stores on Aliexpress who sold good replica sneakers, however, during our survey, we are glad to find that a lot of good stores who sold original sneakers are newly opened in Aliexpress, it’s a very good signal and brand new change for Aliexpress, for these stores, products they sold are quite competitive in price. It’s quite attractive to try to buy a pair of cheap original sneakers from Aliexpress, however, we still finished our work of collect remarkable stores of replica sneakers, from our research, it seems that Aliexpress never stop its decision of banning replicas, it’s more and more difficult to find replicas from aliexpress, excessive stores will be banned quickly, even some of the stores may get closed when you read this articles, any way, we believe the stores we picked represents the best replica sneaker stores on Aliexpress in 2019, the models may be less due to the high-pressure supervision of Aliexpress, but there are still lots of good pruducts left.

Is it worthy to buy replica shoes?

The answer is just in your heart,when you find this article via search engine online,I guess your answer is actually yes. Maybe you are lack of money now or you just do not want to pay for an expensive pair of shoes and think a pair of cheaper replica shoes is just satisfy your need. Anyway,if you want it,just buy it, there is actually no clear boundary of whether it is worthy or not,and it’s useless to discuss it,you want it,just buy it. The advantage of replica shoes is its price. However, before you paying your money, you shall also know the disadvantages of it. Most replica shoes are less comfortable and delicate than original ones. They may be cheaper, but don’t count on its long lifetime and duration. Also, don’t keep a pair of replica shoes which are obvious uncomfortable to your feet. just because of its low price and high fidelity or any reason. Unlike clothes, a pair of improper shoes will continuously hurt your feet, like in every step you take, and eventually cause worse problems. A tighter T-shirt maybe Ok to you, but you will quickly give up a pair of improper shoes in a short period of time. Just make sure you don’t torture yourself for a good but uncomfortable pair of replica sneakers. They may just look as real as original ones, and its price is just tempting, but just remember that comfort is our primary request of buying a pair of sneakers at any time.

Tips of style selection of buying replica sneakers online

Most replica sneakers sold on Aliexpress are classical models of world famous sport brands such as Air Jordan, Nike and Adidas. So you can easily find out how to match those shoes with your wear from blogers and magzines, just make sure your sneakers are in the right style of your wear. In my opinion, it’s very cost-effective to buy replica Yeezy or some limited models on Aliexpress. On the contrary, for some cheaper models of Nike or Adidas, it may be better to spend a little more money to buy a pair of real shoes.

Best stores of original sneakers

Wiwisport store(12k followers, 93.6 psositive feedback) brands: Nike, Adidas, converse

normalsport store(7k followers, 91.6% positive feedback) brands: Nike adidas, converse

GlobalNB Store(700 followers, 88.6% positive feedback) brands: new balance

best sports store(14k followers, 96.1% positive feedback, 5 year old store)brands: nike, adidas, converse, puma

StoreOlympic Sports Flagship Store(19k followers, 94.6% positive feedback, 4 year old store)brands: nike, adidas, converse, puma
Top Sports Flagship Store(41k followers, 94.9% positive feedback, 4 year old store)brands: nike, adidas, converse, puma
Skechers Speciality Store(opened just in May 29th, 2019) brand: Skechers
Under Going Store(2.1k followers, 95.8% positive feedback, 1year old) brand :Under Armour
TNTsports Store(1.6 followers, 89.8% positive feedback, 1 year old) brand :Under Armour
reebokone Store( just opened in May 14,2019) brand: reebok
Mizunoworld store(600 followers, 93.2% postive feedback,1 year old) brand:Mizuno
Superstarsport store(just opened in May 5 2019) brand:nike adidas, converse, jordan
Bestselling stores of replica sneakers

Nike:GOODSPORTS Store/Shop4978029 Store/dudeli Store/Shou gong Store/Jinbaoke/BONJEAN STORE/SLNsports Store/Shop3036010 Store/OuLan Shoe Store/Booming Store/Arvin shoe Store/High quality sneakers Store

Yeezy:Shop5009334 Store/Shop3036010 Store/Maius Store/QICE Sneakers Store/QINSIR Store/My wishes Store/GVGUCCIL SPORTSHOES STORE/Felicy Store/Shop5053151 Store/

Balenciaga:Jinbaoke/Hebesneaker Store/QICE Sneakers Store/QINSIR Store/GVGUCCIL SPORTSHOES STORE/royalmoda A+factory Store/earth star morendada/wellwear store/panorama store/

Adidas:dudeli Store/Shou gong Store/GOODSPORTS Store/Shop3036010 Store/Booming Store/My wishes Store/Shop 1991 Store/High quality sneakers Store/Arvin shoe Store/

New balance:Booming Store/Shop 1991 Store/howplay store/NBshoes Store/BNOIV Store/

Skechers:QICE Sneakers Store/MISHANG Sneakers Store/better me store/easymouse factory store/

Reebok:GOODSPORTS Store/Shop3036010 Store/

Under Armour:GOODSPORTS Store/Shop4978029 Store/Shop3036010 Store/Hebesneaker Store/Arvin shoe Store/

Fila:Shop3036010 Store/Hebesneaker Store/jorson Store/s store/Shop4986073 Store/Shop4511011 store/Shop5009143 Store/NSNS StoreS/Parasakura Mogujie Store

Asics/Onitsuka tiger:BONJEAN STORE/BNOIV Store/s store/Shop5009143 Store/NSNS Store/

Jordan:GOODSPORTS Store/OuLan Shoe Store/Shop5049311 Store/Shop3372005 Store/shop5021164 store/OUKEDI Official Store/

Vans:shop4384077 store/shop4195004 store/mr. ding, shoe store/aliexpressonlin store/

Converse:GVGUCCIL SPORTSHOES STORE/Arvin shoe Store/shop4195004 store

Tips of buying sneakers

First of all, the most important feature of your item is its quality, which is the fundamental feature of all products. As we can’t see the products sold online, the only way is to judge the products by pictures provided by Aliexpress. The most reliable pictures are pictures updated in the buyers’ feedbacks. Check out these pictures carefully and read useful feedbacks before making up your decision. In my experience, bad reviews are more helpful than good ones for your shopping. You can tell whether the size is larger than normal scale, whether the shoes are comfortable to Asian, etc. However, there are always some picky buyers who give extremely bad reviews which are not rational and may deny your purchase intention directly. Just make sure you don’t get influence by these reviews, make your decision rationally.

Secondly, size: most of buyers who refuse to buy sneakers online are afraid of wrong size selection. Actually, online size selection of shoes is super easy, even easier than size selection of clothes. You can just follow the simple method below.

1 Measure your shoes: put your feet on a piece of A4 paper, mark the position of your front toe and heel on the paper with a pen, then use a ruler to measure the length of your feed. Most sellers on Aliexpress provide metric length of centimeters of their products. So you’d better to get a metric data of your foot length. For me it’s 252cm.

2 Size selection: if your foot is in normal size, you can just pick a pair of shoes with a one degree larger size, to me, a pair of 255cm sneakers is just Ok, in my experience, they will perfectly match my shoes, some of them are 41 in Europe size, some are 40.5, others are even 40. However the foot length of those shoes are all 255cm, so they will fit me properly. If you have a pair of wide or thick feet. You can pick a pair of shoes with even one more size larger. For example, if your foot length is 252cm but your foot is wider and thicker, a pair of 260cm sneakers will fit you. If your shoes are easy to swell, you can measure your shoes in afternoon as feet are easier to swell in afternoon.


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