Best original and replica jewelry stores on Aliexpress(Cartier,Tiffany,Bvlgari,etc)

When we talked about jewelry on Aliexpress, it’s super cheap jewelry which are under 1$, there are thousands of stores which sold cheap jewelry on Aliexpress and order numbers of these stores are super large. For those jewelry, they may have cool and exquisite appearance, while most of them are made of plastic and glass which will fade rapidly in months, however due to their low price, it’s an acceptable way to buy a lot of cheap jewelry from Aliexpress and chance them frequently.

For replica jewelry on Aliexpress, we mean products with have same and similar appearance of world famous jewelry and are made of metal and glass or artificial diamond, these products have much better quality than 1$ plastic jewelry and have longer duration, most of these jewelry are about within 30$, some stores have super expensive products which are over 100$, however, those stores are not popular on Aliexpress, and we recommend you to buy replica jewelry on Aliexpress with less than 40$.

To guide you, we have studied all the popular jewelry stores on Aliexpress, and picked out all the best-selling original cheap jewelry stores from Aliexpress, most of their products are within 1$, especially , among lots of ladies’ jewelry stores, we picked out some best-selling man’s jewelry stores which are relatively few. For replica jewelry stores, we have found some stores on Aliexpress for the most world famous brands. Actually, each of these stores has replica products of many different brands, classification is made according to replicas of the most classical models of each brands.

Best selling original jewelry stores on Aliexpress

Necklace:Jam shop 1pcs free shipping/poputton Official Store/fitable trendy store/silver925 store/2016 women all accessories/kiss wife official store/SUMENG Official Store/handmade love jewelry/zsc jewelry&accessories/BOAKO Fashion Jewerly Store/RaviMour Official Store/

Ring:/Shop1352342 Store/Modyle Official Store/AILEND Official Store/zhen tomomi official store/Bomos official store/iparam official store/OCEAN STORE 1992/

Bracelet:Yijie store/OCEAN STORE 1992/YIMLOI JEWELRY Retro Store/IF ME Official Store/zsc jewelry&accessories/Zoshi official store/homod official store/ME ME Store/ChiBen Store/vnox official store/

Earrings:fitable trendy store/ChiBen Store/zsc jewelry&accessories/Jam shop 1pcs free shipping/HANCHENG Official Store/wproduby Official Store/Bicux official store/Fanny jewelry company/shine lives store/

Men’s jewelry:jiayiqi official store/KYSZDL Official Store/mcllroy official store/trendsmax official store/ICED HIPHOP Store/Bubble letter Oficial Store/CY&CM jewelry official store/Davieslee franchised store/TANGYIN Official Store/gokadima Store/

Top replica jewelry store on Aliexpress

Boucheron:shop400383 store/kalen speciality store/925 silver europe charm bead/

Bvlgari:shop400383 store/Kiki0117 store/

Cartier:/allnoel store/Yuer&hhl jewellery store/

Damiani:colarmix official store/shilovem jewellery store/

De beers:Jmoonso jewellery store/YC jewelry store/

Graff:mirrefo store/Jane1714 store/Kiki0117 store/

Tiffany:allnoel store/

Tips of buying jewelry on Aliexpress

As 99% jewelry from Aliexpress are super cheap, it’s much easier to make up your mind to take an order than buying gold or diamond jewelry from local jewelry stores. However, even it only costs you 1$, it’s annoying to buy some unsatisfied items which you will never take them on, and they are too cheap to trouble yourself for refunding. So you don’t have to be too cautious to these cheap items, but some tips to avoid improper items are necessary.

Necklace: The key feature of a necklace which has the most influence is its length. For short necklace which is within 35cm, it requests more on your neck circumstance; it looks good on thin necks and has a perfect visual effect with slim figure, but quite improper to thick necks and plump figure. Here is a rule which we have mentioned for a lot of times, never just pay your money according to the pictures of models, think carefully and rationally of what it will looks like on you, what’s more, it means you shall never ignore your disadvantage, it may be hurtful but it’s better to waste your money. A 45-60cm necklace is much safer and you can pick your items freely at this range. For longer necklace which are longer than 70cm, usually its pendant is below your chest, make sure you have the proper clothes to match it.

Ring: it’s relatively easier to pick a ring, unless you have some thick fingers, you don’t have to pay much attention to ring circumstance. However, as hands are easier to touch water, the quality of your cheap ring is more important. Check the buyer’s reviews carefully before you take an order; you must have a brief knowledge of your item about whether and when it may fade.

Bracelet: Just like necklace, the length of bracelet will cause strong difference. It’s easy to measure your wrist circumstance, for thin and skinny wrist, basic and slim bracelet can highlight the beauty of soft. For thinker wrist, thick bracelet with personalized design is more suitable. The match of skin color is another feature you shall pay attention, if your skin is not as white as the models it’s wiser to try some plain jewelry rather than shinning jewelry which highlight your skin disadvantage.

Earring:The selection of earrings is the most different, as a decoration of face, earrings must match your face, a wrong match with your face will cause pretty wired visual perception. Usually, circular or round earrings match square face better, which can effectively decrease the hard line of square face. For round face, geometric earrings with sharp edge are more suitable. The color of earrings shall match your skin color and your makeup color. The basic principle is similar color principle, that means red earrings match the best with similar red makeup and clothes. As most earrings on Aliexpress are super cheap, the quality and cleanliness of the earrings are vital, make sure that the earrings you pick won’t cause any untoward effect to your ears and your body, so it’s better to buy alloy earrings than plastic ones.

Besides the tips we mentioned above, there are also some common tips you shall pay attention: 1 Read buyer’s review carefully, don’t pass this step just because they’re cheap, especially pay attention to duration time and skin comfort, it’s OK to waste some money for some improper jewelry, but it’s unworthy to damage your health for these cheap jewelry. 2 Check main features such as size and material, different material can lead to different duration and quality, alloy and metal are better than plastic. Also the seller may Photoshop their picture heavily for best visual effect,so it’s better to find some jewelry with same size and try them on.




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