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Facial cleansing brush has been particularly popular in recent years, many people have been recommended via makeup blogs and videos, especially those “oil faces”. However, although it sells well, there are still many consumers who are skeptical about its effectiveness, because among all the users, some praise its cleaning effect, others think it hurts facial horniness, then, is it really that good?

The principle of cleansing products and cleansing tools

1. Dissolving: water and alcohol in cleansing products can dissolve water-soluble or alcohol-soluble substances, such as inorganic salts on skin surface, makeup ingredients which can dissolve in alcohol, etc; Oil-soluble substances, such as anti-water makeup, can be dissolved and eluted by organic solvents such as mineral oil and vegetable oil.

2. Emulsification: the so-called “emulsifier”, also known as “surfactants”, are mainly for oily substances cleaning, which are insoluble in water (hydrophobic/hydrophobic). Emulsifiers emulsify these materials and dissolve them in water. Cleansing milk, cleansing powder, facial mousse, etc. are all different types of emulsifiers.

3. Mechanical friction: Mechanical friction refers to direct removal of substances from the surface of the skin by the use of mechanical friction. Hands can provide frictional effect, but large friction requires sufficient and strong contact between hands and face. Since face surface skin is not as flat as mirror surface, there are concave structures such as pores, skin lines, and wrinkles, hands cannot provide enough support for deep cleaning of these structures, and that’s why a facial cleansing brush is needed.

Principle of electric facial cleansing brush

The electric facial cleansing brush mainly uses the principle of high-frequency friction to make the fine hair on the brush vibrate, which can achieve deep cleaning effect that one’s hands cannot provide. It can effectively solve various skin problems such as blackheads, acne and pigmentation.

There are two types of brush heads among electric facial cleansing brushes on the market. As a tool for direct contact with your face, it is an important part of evaluating a facial cleansing brush.

Fiber hair: Lots of manufacturer such as Collier, Philips and Clinique use this type of brush head. Because facial skin is much more delicate than the teeth, the brush fiber hair are generally much softer. This kind of facial cleansing brush always provides 3-5 different brush heads for different part of face and different skin style, such as anti-acne brush, sensitive brush, super sensitive brush, etc. If your skin is super sensitive, a long-haired wool brush customized for sensitive skin is recommended. Of course, we all know that it is impossible to eliminate acne or whiten our skin skimpily by brush our face, but the hardness of these types of brush heads is still quite different. You can always find a proper brush for your own skin among those provided by the manufacturer, I personally prefer whiten brush instead of the luxurious wool brush.

Silica gel: As a best-selling brand in recent years, Luna uses silicone material for its brush. As it is an antibacterial medical silicone material, we does not need to change brush head, which saves further cost. So Luna grabbed a lot of Collier’s market due to its marketing methods and innovation. Due to the improper use of fiber brush, the large frictional force can damage one’s skin surface, while the silicone head is relatively mild. Many children’s toothbrush are also made of silicone.

Advantage of electric facial brush

High efficiency cleaning: Just like electric toothbrush, the vibration frequency in every minute of electric facial cleansing brush is completely unattainable by hand, it can wash your face clean and deep enough in a very short time.

Reasonable cleaning time: electric cleansing brush always has a time reminder. Mine is 20s, 20s, 10s, 10s for each set, 20s for T area, 20s for U area, 10s for each side of the cheek. While hand washing doesn’t have a specific time limit which leads to excessive cleaning of facial part.

Now you may have a brief understanding about electric facial brush, on Aliexpress, there are about thousands of results when searching for electric facial brush. However, most of them are alike, in our summary, there are about 30 types of typical models of electric facial brushes, and among them, we picked out the most proper items with good reputation and remarkable order number.

APINKGIRL Electric Facial Cleansing Brush 

a 7 dollar portable cleansing brush which is specialized for makeup cleaning. It has a super soft and thin fiber brush head which minimizes its damage to the skin. It is powered by 1 * AAA Battery which you can easily buy from any supermarket. It may not be the best one on Aliexpress ,however considering its portability and low price, it’s a good choice if you want a small portable facial brush.

Replica Luna facial cleansing brush

You may find out that half of the results of facial cleansing brush are similar luna replicas on Aliexpress. That may explain how hot Luna is now, we picked out 5 best-selling Luna replicas and find out 3 of them are just the same. So considering seller service and price, we recommended this link, it has a built-in battery, different types of vibration intensity and different size of silicone brush head just like Luna mini 2. It is not as delicate as Luna mini 2,however considering its price, this is still a good deal. Finally, remember that if you decide to buy this product, it is best not to use it every day. Frequent use will actually hurt the stratum conium of your skin.

Similar Luna Ⅱ

A cheaper replica luna facial brush with lower price and more orders. It is quite welcomed on Aliexpress, but I really don’t like its look, it just looks like a silly face smiling at you = =!!!

5 in 1 electric facial cleansing brush

Best-selling 5 in 1 electric facial cleansing brush, you can also find the same model from a lot of different stores on Aliexpress. We choose this store due to its high quality service. The model is a typical electric facial cleansing brush with different type of brush heads, including soft fiber brush, rolling massage brush, crude polish brush, latex sponge brush and make-up sponge brush. The fiber brush and sponge brush are quite suitable for skin cleaning. This device is powered by 2 “AA” batteries and considering its super low price, it’s definitely a good choice.

Blackhead Acne Pore Removal electric facial cleansing brush

This device is specialized for blackhead and acne pore removal. It has a built-in battery which can be charged via mini usb cable. It has 5 grades of cleaning strength and 5 different suction accessories for blackhead removal, skin massage, acne repair and facial blood promotion. This device is quite expensive compared with ones we just motioned, if you have a trouble in blackhead and acne cleaning, you should give it a try.

Disadvantage of electric facial brush

Bacteria: I just mentioned this when I introduced brush head. I strongly suggest that you should change your brush head regularly. Put your brush head in a ventilated environment and regularly disinfect them. In particular, some of the cheap facial cleansing brush may have large gaps among the brush head and are more susceptible to bacteria. Therefore, after a period of time of use, the inflammation may be more aggravated for acne skins.

Damage to the skin if used improperly: In the official description of most facial cleansing brushes, it will mention that “put the brush head on the face, move slowly…”, however many people will press the brush on the face like brushing your shoes. After all, the brush head has a non-smooth surface, and its high frequency vibration can easily damage the skin surface. Therefore, just put it on your face slightly, don’t force it! Besides, many people think that the default 1min cleaning time of the machine is not enough, they will brush their face for several times which lead to damage of surface tissues and may cause lots of facial problems.

It may cause skin sensitivity: The cleaning efficiency of electric facial brushes is much higher than bare hands, and it has exfoliating effect. Therefore, when using electric facial brush, you don’t have to use cleansing masks, scrubs and other similar products every time, it’s much better to find a proper interval for both facial brush and cleansing masks. For me, I use facial brush to clean my face twice a week. Many people use electric facial brush together with the masks with particles, which caused large damage to fragile facial horny and increase skin sensitivity.

If an electric facial brush is too much for your sensitive skin, a manual facial brush is a good alternative for your, here are two manual facial brushes on Aliexpress with best feedbacks.

Facial cleansing brush with soft fiber for sensitive skin

Silicone Facial Cleansing Brush with cuticle cleaning function

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