Best dress brands and stores on Aliexpress

Dress is the most shining star in your summer closet, for every lady, a shining and outstanding dress is necessary in every summer. We can find a lot of dress sellers on Aliexpress, and it may be a little dizzy to find good dress brands and stores on Aliexpress, to help you, we made two lists, one of them is best stores which sell cheap dresses which are mostly under 20-25$. Those stores are the best-selling stores on Aliexpress, and we believe one of the best-selling dresses of these stores will definitely satisfy your need. Another list is the best original dress bands on Aliexpress, although it seems that there are few original clothes bands on Aliexpress, these brands we picked won’t let you down, you can find a lot of original cheap dresses from these stores, these dresses are more expensive, but if you are looking for some unique dresses, you can go to these stores. Now, let’s check it out.

Cheap and best-selling dress stores on Aliexpress

BHflutter BaoHuiDa Factory Store(7 years store,97.5% positive feedback,6k followers, may products:floral dress, price range:within 10$)

TySBest Store (1 year old, 95.5% positive feedback, 500 followers, may products style: western style, price range:5-15$ )

Eastdragon Apparel Store (4 years old, 96.1% positive feedback, 10k followers, may style: sweet, western, price range:10-20$ )

XinCOOLEr Apparel Store (6 years old, 97.6% positive feedback, 8k followers, may style: eastern, ladylike, price range: 15-25$)

YY victress Store (2 years old, 94.3 positive feedback, 6k followers, may style:western, normcore, price range:within 10$ )

marwin&frind offical store(1 year old, 99% positive feedback, 6k followers, may style:colourful dress, price range: within 15$)

Urban Clothes Store (3 years old, 95.6% positive feedback, 4k followers, may style: western, floral, price range: within 15$)

7cm Store( 2 years old, 94.6% positive feedback, 1400 followers, may style: floral, normcore, price range: within 10$)

articat official store(2 years old, 96.4% positive feedback, 34k followers, may style: sexy, price range: 10-15$)

beavant(6 year old, 97.8% positive feedback, 51k followers, may style: sexy, sweet, price range:10-25$ )

Daily Clothes Store(2 years old, 95.9 positive feedback, 4k followers, may style: sexy, westerm, price range: within 10$)

fashionark store(1 year old, 98.6% positive feedback, 6k followers, may style: floral, colorful, price range:15-25$ )

FEICHUAN Store (6 year old, 95.5% positive feedback, 5k followers, may style: floral, sweet,sexy price range:within 10$ )

bgteever unique store (1 year old, 97.9% positive feedback, 15k followers, may style: asian,korean price range:15-30$ )

lossky offical store (6 year old, 96.5% positive feedback, 36k followers, may style: casual, normcore,sexy price range:5-15$ )

SOEURS JUMELLES Official Store (1 year old, 97.3% positive feedback, 170 followers, may style: casual, floral, price range:10–20$ )

Snordic speciality Store (2 year old, 97.1% positive feedback, 10k followers, may style: casual, korean, price range:15-20$ )

colysmo store (6 year old, 97.3% positive feedback, 41k followers, may style: super super sexy, price range:10-20$ )

uguest official store (1 year old, 94.1% positive feedback,800 followers, may style: western ,sweet, price range:10-15$ )

Best original dress brands and stores on Aliexpress

adyce:a four years old store who has amazingly 384k followers, specialized in tight, western dress, its style is perfectly for western ladies and its main products’ price range is 30-50$.

Miss ord:a 7-year-old store, 372k followers, the most impressive dress style of miss ord is long evening dress, the tight and sexy dresses are perfectly for parties, the main price range of miss ord is 25-50$.

Simplee: the 5-year-old store has 2288k followers, just as its brand name implied, the dress style of Simplee is casual and normcore, the western style products are more comfortable and simple which are more suitable for daily wear.

Love&Lemonade: another 7-year-old store, 194k followers and 96.6% positive feedback. The brand is also specialized in evening party dress, compared with miss ord and adyce, dress of Love&Lemonade has less sexy style and emphasis more on ladies’ elegance and grace.

Shein:5 years old, 97.9% positive feedback, 1794k followers. Shein provides multiple styles of dresses, its casual style dresses are more sweet than those of Simplee, which makes it more suitable for younger ladies, also its loose cut style makes Shein a good choice for Asian consumers.

Chicever:3 years old, 119k followers, except form normal casual dresses, you can find more loose and normcore style dress here, another advantage of Chicever is its price, most of its dresses are under 25$.

Sisjuly:3 years old store, 477k followers, 96.1% positive feedback. Sisjuly has vintage style dresses, if you want some cheap and elegant dress, Sisjuly is a good choice, another remarkable dress style is its African dress, if you want to show your plump figure, you can try Sisjuly.The main price range of Sisjuly is 15-25$.

twotwinstyle:4 years old, 96.7% positive feedback, 195k followers, mian price range:30-55$. The price of twotwinstyle is higher than its competitors, but it’s wothy, you can find a lot of delicate lace dresses in twotwin style. If you want a sweet dress which has multiple embellishment, twotwinstyle is a unique choice.

seamyla:61k followers, 5 year old, 97.8% positive feedback. seamyla provides super tight dress, if you want to extremly show your body curve, just try seamyla. The price range of ocstrade is 30-60$.

aomei:8 years old ,95.6% positive feedback, 269k followers. aomei provides dresses for plump ladies, its main price range is 15-25$

Tips of picking dress style

When picking dresses online, we are easily got fooled by the fancy pictures of the dresses on models, wondering how amazing those dresses are on our body. However, not every dress is suitable for every figure, and the cruel fact that our body is not as perfect as those models may come lately long after we paid our money. In order to save our money and rationally control our imagination , here are some basic tips of picking dress.

First, a dress which fits your body is much better than a dress of your favor, after all, clothes are a kind of the signals to communicate with others and it’s best to be appreciated by others. There are 5 basic figure styles. O shape body is like an apple, standing for ladies who has plump bosoms and hips, but without slender waists. For O shape body, we shall avoid low-waist, tight dresses. Other dresses with wide belt or colorful, soft texture are also of consideration as they emphasize the disadvantage of waist. We can pick high-waist dress, which avoid the flaw of our waist, and catch the viewers’ focus on chest. If you have long and slim arms and legs, split dress is a attemptable choice, in a word, we need to transfer any attention in our waist.

H shape body: Most Asian ladies have H shape bodies, the main character of H shape body is slim body and plain breast and hip. The main flaw of H shape body is its lack of curve. To cover our disadvantage, we can create curves by our clothes, we can pick dresses with wider chest and hip circumference, which visually increase our body curve. Another fashionable choice is normcore style, it’s perfect for H body.

A shape body: The most remarkable character of A shape body is its large hip which is wider than shoulder. To cover our large hip flaw, we have to avoid tight dress and turn to dresses with large profile such as Pleated dress and High waist dress.

V shape body: Contrary to A shape body, V shape body has wider shoulder than hip. It’s a kind of masculine body shape. The most import dressing key for V shape body is to make hip width and shoulder width as harmonious as possible. We have to avoid tight dress and lace dress, too tight lower body makes our hip narrower. For upper body, try to avoid dresses with shoulder decoration which visually widen our shoulder.

X shape body: Congratulations, you have the perfect body figure, if you have proper body weight and good curves, you can try any dress you saw, how wonderful is that.

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