Best building& construction toys from Aliexpress,7 best stores to buy

Building or construction toys are usually cubic wood or plastic toys which are usually decorated with letters or drawings on their surfaces and allow different arrangements or building activities. There are various styles of building blocks which can be built into houses, animals, machines, etc. and this type of toys is helpful for children intelligence development.

Building& construction toys not only have a great effect on children’s intellectual development, but also a way to improve children’s hand-eye coordination. There are many ways to build the toys, they can be arranged, joined and ring-shaped. For building and construction toys, it is important to allow your kids do their own work which is very meaningful for the early development of logics and arithmetic.

The choice of building& construction toys should not only consider the style of the toy, but also consider its safety and whether your toy is suitable for your kid’s age. Plastic toys produced in inferior factories may have a bad influence on your kid’s health. Therefore it is very important to choose reliable building & construction toys for your children. Aliexpress offers a large number of low price products, but think about it, not every product has high quality. For your children’s toy, a toxic and harmful one is definitely unacceptable. To avoid those bad toys it is necessary to do a detailed research before taking a order on Aliexpress. To save your time, we have picked out 7 best-selling and high-reputation stores specialized in building & construction toys.

Biscuit’s Toyland Store

Overall feedbacks:20572


Positive feedbacks:98.7%

Store age:6 years

Price range:5-30$

This 6-year-old toy stores are specialized in construction & building toys. You can ont only find big block and magnetic block toys for children under 2 or 3 but also lego stye toys with complex structure for elder children or even adult fans. The price of the toys sold are evry low, a 8 in 1 police station series is just for 16$! If you are looking for magnetic building toys or cheap lego style toys of cars, ships or planes, Biscuit’s Toyland Store is definitely a place you cannot miss.

For Benz store

Overall feedbacks:3678


Positive feedbacks:98.1%

Store age:1 year

Price range:5-35$

More than 200 toys are sold on For Benz store, besides building toys, you can also find replica avenger lego suits, animal models within 3$! Most of its products are replica lego style toys which ranged from buildings to vehicles. You can even find some 100% replicas of lego toys. If you’re a fun of lego toys, For Benz store can basically meet all your imagination.

Lepinbricks Store

Overall feedbacks:11450


Positive feedbacks:98.2

Store age:2 years

Price range:20-80$

Brands sold on store:Lepin

Another lego style toy store, Lepin is a original Chinese toy brand derived from producing lego replicas. Although you can also find some lego replicas in the store, Lepin has already developed its own original toys, so search carefully in the store, some of the products may amaze you. The toys are more complex and costs more money than other toys we recommend. It’s not wise to buy Lepin toys for kids under 8, for it may probably end up be your toys.

Update on April 27th, 2019: Chinese goverment has official shut down the plants of Lepin and decided to sue Lepin for infringement, all the products of Lepin official store have been removed, you can try this store instead.

Huiqibao store

Overall feedbacks:34272


Positive feedbacks:99.2%

Store age:2 years

Price range:8-20$

Brands sold on store:Huiqibao

Huiqibao is a very famous brand in model toys on Aliexpress, its low price and good quality has been proven by more than 30000 positive feedbacks. It provides medium difficulty just for kids between 4 to 8. Most of its toys are cranes and vehicles which are the perfect presents for your little man.

Tumama Toy store

Overall feedbacks:36292


Positive feedbacks:98.8%

Store age:3 years

Price range:5-25$

We have already introduced several stores which sold lego style toys. however, these toys are not suitable for kid under 4 -year-old. For parents of younger children, Tumama Toy store is a proper choice. Toys sold in this store are mostly big block toys with few components and easy structure, which are suitable for kids of enlightenment or babies, besides according to more than 30000 positive feedbacks. The toy quality of Tumama Toy store which contains no toxin is 100% trustworth.

Robotime Official Store

Overall feedbacks:8676


Positive feedbacks:99.4%

Store age:2 year

Price range:10-30$

Brands sold on store:Robotime

Toys of Robotime Official Store are quite different from others. Most of its toys are made of wood and exquisitely designed. you can buy wooden machine models, car models and robot models here. Despite the fun of assembling models, the models of Robotime are just as exquisite as a piece of art, it can fits well in every position of your house. We recommend you to purchase gifts for your daughters and girlfriend.

Kacuu Block store

Overall feedbacks:37066


Positive feedbacks:98.1%

Store age:6 years

Price range:2-25$

Brands sold on store:Kacuu

Another specialized store for children under 4 years old, you can buy big block toys and magnetic block toys here. considering its good reputation and low price, it’s definitely a fine shop that young parents cannot miss. You can also find some fine model toys and easy building toys for your princess.

How to find proper building toys for your kids

Building blocks are indispensable educational toys for children’s growth. They not only train children’s concentration and space, but also develop children’s imagination. But do you know that if you don’t buy it properly, the building toys also have security risks that we can’t ignore! Here are some key factors to choose proper building toys for your baby.

The building toys themselves have many shapes, triangles, cubes, and cuboids. If the position of the corners is sharp, it will easily lead to hurt your children. For young boys, the building are easily scattered, when they run around. it is easily for them to step on one of them and fall down, twisting their feet is a trivial matter, head injury caused by the corners of the blocks is worse, and this kind of accident is actually happening. Professionals suggest that if you offer wooden building toys for your children, it is best to pick out triangle blocks.
The current “building blocks” are not entirely wood. Some of them are made of plastic, or some similar hard foam material. Everyone knows that children like to put toys into their mouths, so parents need to pay special attention to toy material. The hard foam material is very light, but it is easy to be bitten off by children.
However, a building toy with environment friendly materials does not mean that it is qualified. We also need to smell the toy! Most of the wooden blocks are coated with a layer of paint. Theoretically, the paint of wooden toys must be water-based paint that meets the high standards of ROHS. Under normal circumstances, it will not easily fade off, but to be honest, there are some paints for wooden toys on the Internet that can be bite off after several trials. Be sure to carefully identify the toy when purchasing and inspect your babies’ toys periodically.Don’t buy any toy that smells terribly.

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