I’m Luis Lee from China, I started online shopping on Taobao.com since 2007. People around me call me online-shopping expert because I can always find the best and cheapest products on Taobao.

I was very surprised when I first visited Aliexpress. I found it hard to find well-known Chinese brands and products on its recommendation page. Instead, there are brands and products that I have never seen before. I checked some cheap recommended products out,to be honest,their quality are way too poor though their prices are extremely low. Few people in China are willing to pay for them, because no matter how cheap they are, they will end up gathering dust in corner after a few times when you finally realized their poor quality. However, it confused me that those products sold well and even got a lot of praise. Why not find some good products, or they just can’t find one.

In my opinion,it’s possible to find good cheap products on Aliexpress. Aliexpress was found by Alibaba Group in 2010 after Taobao’s remarkable success in online-shopping market. It is more like an international version of Taobao, most sellers and products on Aliexpress are from China,and most of them can be found on Taobao.com. So why can’t I find well-known brands and products from Aliexpress?I searched some best-selling products on Taobao.com and found that many excellent products have not been discovered by international customers. This is the reason I set up this website, by referring to a large number of sales data and customer reviews on Taobao.com, I hope this website can help you find real good products with both low price and good quality.

Updated at 2020.

I decided to change the mian purpose of this personal affiliate website, the purpose of the website will be to collect online imformation of Little topics that you can’t search for online. I’ll try my best to find out imformation that I’m interested in, if you can find out my website, I hope my collection can help you out. Any link which connected to Aliexpress or Amazon is part of affiliate program, if you real appreciate my work, please pay with my links, and I can earn a small commission from it.

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