Best stores to buy relox watches from aliexpress 2020

A lot of people go to aliexpress for replicas of famous brands such as rolex, gucci, lv and Balenciaga. Aliexpress was the paradise of shopping replicas of world famous brands years ago, however as Aliexpress effectively banned stores and sellers selling replicas to save its own reputation, it’s more and more hard to find replicas on Aliexpress today. You may also buy replicas via hidden links, a hidden link is a Aliexpress product page selling regular staff while you receive a total different replica, it’s a secret deal between the seller and the customer, however the venture of buying via hidden links is usually high as customers cannot update feedback with pictures and those sellers of hidden links are always hunted by Aliexpress supervision department. Once detected, those stores will be shut down immediately, that means you may lose your after-sale service at any time.

Instead now more and more sellers are focusing on selling replicas which is not 100% same with those world famous brands to avoid punishment of aliexpress. Those watches are 90% same with the real ones as the logos are changed, besides you may get a 100% pelicas after requiring.

As Rolex replica watches are the most wanted ones according to search engines, I had made a list 5 best stores selling rolex “style” watches on Aliexpress, if you know what I mean, check this out.

Times Teller Watch Co.,Ltd

Feedback store: 26,182

3728 followers, 92.7% positive feedbacks.

Store age: 5 years

Watch price range:15-100$

Replica watch brands: Loreo

Times Teller Watch Co.,Ltd has a long history of marketing on Aliexpress, however its reputation never declined over the years. More than 800 watch models are available here, you can find not only fake Rolex watches but also some cool sport watches in the store.

Selling watches(strongly recommended)

Feedback store: 1,430

1456 followers, 97.5% positive feedbacks.

Store age: 3 years

Watch price range:60-150$

Replica watch brands: Parnis/Corgeut

Super high positive feedbacks have proven the fine quality of the watched sold by Selling watches, The store has focused on selling replica watches for 3 years and gained more than 1000 models, you can find replica watches of all the famous watch brands all over the world. The only problem here is the prices of replica watches are much higher than average on Aliexpress.

Zuozi store

Feedback store: 3,356

922 followers, 98% positive feedbacks.

Store age: 1 year

Watch price range:20-80$

Replica watch brands: Tevise

An exclusive shop for Tevise which has a short history, the positive feedback of this shop is remarkable, if you want an acceptable low-price Rolex replica watch, some of the models are considerable.

Southberg watch store

Feedback store: 1,757

394 followers, 97.4% positive feedbacks.

Store age: 1year

Watch price range:10-40$

Replica watch brands: Southberg

If you want a super cheap Rolex watch which is under 20$, Southberg watch store is your best place to go on Aliexpress. It’s an official shop for Southberg, more than 60 models are available in the shop and most of its models are Rolex replicas. The quality of a Southberg isn’t as good as a 100$ Parnis or Age girl, however if you want to buy a replica watch with less than 20$ from Aliexpress, Southberg watch store is the only choice.

Beautiful watch store

Feedback store: 15,442

1908 followers, 94.6% positive feedbacks.

Store age: 8 years

Watch price range:20-90$

Replica watch brands: Goer/Shenhua/Orkina

Beautiful watch store sells not only replica watches but also original Chinese watches. More than 300 models are sold there, and you can find almost all types of watches. To find replica relox models, please search “Goer/Shenhua/Orkina” in shop’s homepage.

How to find the exact replica watch with Aliexpress app

Aliexpress app has a super useful function to find replica products. It only takes a few steps for you to get the replica watch just want.

1.Download Aliexpress app on your phone

2.Open the app and tap the small camera logo at the upper right corner

3.Take a picture of the watch you want, it seems that aliexpress has banned its partial function so that you can’t find the replica product easily. If you upload an offical Rolex watch picture to the app, there will be no results. So let’s find another way, find a clear picture of the watch you want on your computer, and take a picture of the watch displayed on your computer. The key is to prevent the logo from being recognized by the system. In fact, this method is universal and you can find a lot of replica products in this easy method.

4.Here comes the results, just pick one.

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  1. What you refer to as “replicas” are technically homages. A true Rolex replica, for instance, would bear the Rolex brand and logo

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